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Linx Technologies Announces HumDT™ Series Multi-Channel
Digital Data Transceiver Module in 868 MHz

Linx Technologies logo

Merlin, Oregon – June 29, 2015 — At below $10 in volume, the Hummingbird platform is the lowest cost complete wideband transceiver with microcontroller module on the market today. The HumDT™ Series transceiver is built on this platform and is designed for data transfer. Linx is pleased to announce the addition of the HumDT™ multi-channel low cost RF modules in 868 MHz. Having a common footprint with the 900 MHz frequency agile model, designers can now serve the North American and European markets with common footprint modules, saving design time and material costs.

Linx Technologies Announces HumDT™ Series Multi-Channel Digital Data Transceiver Module in 868 MHz - RF Cafe

Low Cost RF Modules in a Small Package

Like its namesake, the low cost Hummingbird modules are tiny. At 11.5 mm by 14.0 mm, the HumDT™ uses advanced system on chip (SoC) technology to minimize the footprint and the number of components. It is designed for large-scale volume production, leading to a price that is nearly half that of similar modules, and making it cost competitive with discrete designs.

The module's UART interface is used for module configuration and data transfer. 8 GPIOs can be used for analog and digital functions and are controlled through the UART. Housed in a compact reflow-compatible SMD package, the transceiver requires no external RF components except an antenna, which greatly simplifies integration and lowers assembly costs.

By building on the Hummingbird platform and focusing on a low cost, multi-channel protocol, the HumDT™ makes high performance affordable. The HumDT™ wireless data module is the most cost effective way today to connect, monitor and control wireless systems. Perfect for The Internet of Things. – Kris Lafko, VP of Marketing & Sales at Linx Technologies

Multi-Channel Brings Long Range

The HumDT™ Series low cost RF modules are designed for the reliable wireless transfer of serial digital data. It consists of a highly optimized RF transceiver and integrated data and networking protocol. The 868 MHz version offers 68 channels within the 863 to 870 MHz band so that the user can select the best channel for the application. A serial command selects the channel as well as other configuration settings.

The module can achieve a line-of-sight range of up to 1,600 m (1.0 mile). The final range may be less depending on the regulatory requirements for the channel of operation as well as antenna implementation.

Networking and Fast Turn On Time

The HumDT™ Series supports star and extended star networks with up to 50 nodes. The fast turn-on time means the module can power-up, send data and go back to sleep very quickly, which is ideal for battery-powered applications. This makes the HumDT™ Series ideal for wireless sensor networks and similar applications where battery life is important.Each module can be configured as one of three device types; Access Point (AP), Range Extender (RE), and End Device (ED). These device types play a specific role in creating a star network.

Networking and Fast Turn On Time

Simple to Use Master Development Kits

To aid rapid development, the HumDT™ Series low cost RF modules are available as part of a newly conceived type of Master Development System. This comprehensive development kit is designed to assist in the rapid evaluation and integration of the HumDT™ Series data transceiver modules. The all-inclusive system features several pre-assembled evaluation boards, which include everything needed to quickly test the operation of the transceiver modules.

For more information about the HumDT™ Wireless UART Data Transceiver Module, call Linx at +1 800 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States) or visit


About Linx Technologies

At its core, Linx Technologies is an RF module company. We are world leaders in supplying radio modules to remote control applications and we have extremely competitive modules for data transfer. Our tag line is Wireless Made Simple™, meaning that we specialize in making the complex world of radio frequency easy for engineers of all skill levels to use. They are designed for small size, high functionality, low power and low cost for volume manufacturing.

We support our module line with one of the broadest lines of antennas in the industry and high-quality, low cost RF connectors. Linx rounds out its product portfolio with GPS/GNSS modules, a variety of remote controls and keyfobs, battery holders, and custom cable assemblies.

With the addition of Smartlinx™, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution, Linx offers solutions from wireless components and electronics to cloud services, data management and user interface solutions. With this customers can remotely connect and control, record, store, analyze, and visualize their information. Linx's flexible Smartlinx™ IoT platform offers custom web and smart device applications tailored for the customers' applications.

For more information about wireless products from Linx, visit or call +1 800 736 6677 (+1 541 471 6256 outside the United States).

Linx Technologies Contact:
Kris Lafko
VP of Marketing and Sales
Phone: (541) 472-3731

Linx Technologies - Wireless Made Simple (restricted)


Posted June 29, 2015

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