Orbel Corporation Launches New Product Catalog


Orbel Catalog Fall 2014Easton, PA — To provide audiences across a variety of industries with a comprehensive overview of its precision component lines, Orbel Corporation recently launched a new product catalog. Available online or in print, the catalog delivers detailed information on each of Orbel's main product categories, including board level shielding, finger-stock gaskets, photo-etched precision metal parts, and precision metal stampings. 

Designed as a convenient point of reference for all of Orbel's standard and custom product options, the new catalog includes product features and configurations, performance and material specs, packaging options, and information on how to specify and order products. The catalog also features product diagrams, configuration charts, and tips for reducing production costs. 

"This new catalog gives us a way to easily provide customers with a full overview of not just what we produce here at Orbel but the specific ways these customers can make the most of our unique approach to creating custom components," said Ken Marino, Orbel's president. "It both showcases the result of today's newest production technologies and lets people see the endless directions they can take their products—directions that we can facilitate from start to finish." 

The new Orbel catalog can be downloaded or viewed as a convenient online flipbook at Orbel.com. To have a printed catalog sent to you, call 610-829-5000 or email your request to info@orbel.com.



About Orbel

Since 1961, Orbel's custom design and manufacturing process has enabled unique engineered solutions for a variety of applications and industries. From conception through delivery, Orbel offers today's most effective EMI/RFI shielding, photo-etched precision metal parts, precision metal stampings, and electroplated metal foils. Areas of specialization include aerospace, telecommunications, electronics, medical, automotive, and manufacturing. For more information, visit Orbel.com or call 610-829-5000. 



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Posted  September 4, 2014