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LadyBug Technologies March 2014 Newsletter


Gemini !

Our software developers are currently working on Gemini’s applications. The product will offer many new exciting features. One of these new features is “Math Windows”; these are pre-defined windows that can be opened within the application and can be used to process measurements from two or more sensors.

Gemini sensors do not require a custom dll to function and are compatible with NI and Agilent VISA IO libraries as well as Linux. This, along with its SCPI command set, gives our sensor the capability to be used in existing systems that use competitive sensors with little or no modification.

Did You Know ?

LadyBug’s LB480A & LB680A sensors feature a built-in settable video filters option. These filters, along with averaging, allow users to clean up their pulse profiling signal for better accuracy while preserving the required bandwidth. The images at right were made with an LB480A; both images were made with 10 averages on a -64dBm peak power signal. The left image with a 10MHz filter and the right with a 3MHz filter activated. 

Sales Territory

We are pleased to announce that Nevada is now handled by two of our California representatives. Northern Nevada including Reno and the surrounding areas is handled by Jay Stone & Associates while Southern Nevada including Las Vegas is being represented by ACETEC, Inc. Nevada is a fast growing, business-friendly state and we are confident that our representatives will have great success there.


LadyBug Technologies power graph

LadyBug Technologies at IMS MTT 2014 Booth 1805

IMS MTT 2014 Booth 1805

2014 marks our 7th IMS-MTT exhibition, visit us in booth 1805. This is a very exciting year for LadyBug; we will be displaying several new products including Gemini’s LB5892A True RMS sensor. Stop by and see our new Gemini application with “flying windows”, plus a new power sensor concept that has never been available before. We invite all of our representatives to spend time in our booth meeting new customers, learning and visiting with others from the industry. Contact us for further information about the show or to arrange a meeting with us while you are there. 



For further information contact LadyBug Sales at 707-546-1050 X103 or visit www.ladybug-tech.com

Contact Info

Orwill Hawkins
LadyBug Technologies, LLC Contact
Phone: 707-546-1050 x103
Website: www.LadyBug-Tech.com
e-Mail: Orwill@LadyBug-Tech.com





Posted  March 24, 2014

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