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Isolink Intros Dual Channel, Radiation-Tolerant Phototransistor Optocoupler

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May 24, 2013

Isolink, a subsidiary of Skyworks Solutions, is pleased to offer a new dual channel, radiation-tolerant, hermetic surface mounted phototransistor optocoupler that is designed for high-reliability military and medical applications requiring optical isolation in gamma, neutron and proton radiation environments with high current transfer ratio and low saturation Vce. Each optocoupler channel consists of a light emitting diode and NPN silicon phototransistor that is electrically isolated but optically coupled inside a hermetic 8-pin leadless chip carrier package. 

The datasheet can be found at:
Isolink Intros Dual Channel, Radiation-Tolerant Phototransistor OptocouplerSamples are available, and pricing depends on quantities.
Custom Solutions
Isolink offers custom, application-specific, value-added components including: optoswitches for miniature gyroscopes, emitter/detector arrays for medical, radiation, and therapy equipment, digital filters for secured data transmission, multi-wavelength emitter arrays, optical encoders for precision motor control, and high isolation voltage optical couplers.  Learn more at

About Isolink

Isolink, a subsidiary of Skyworks Solutions, Inc., is the leading supplier of high performance and high quality optoelectronic radiation tolerant components worldwide. Isolink's mission is to provide products and services to the high-reliability, military, aerospace, hybrid, industrial, medical, and telecommunications markets. The company specializes in the manufacture of high-performance miniature hybrids and hermetically sealed devices. Isolink pioneered the miniaturization of some of the most advanced optoelectronic components. Our expertise in optoelectronic components enables us to make products of high quality, achieving high isolation voltages. A hallmark of Isolink's products is high common mode rejection and radiation tolerance for high demand environments.

Isolink is committed to providing excellent products and services to its customers, and to serving as an extension of the customer's engineering and manufacturing resources. Isolink strives for a customer/vendor relationship aimed at optimizing product performance, quality, and cost. We meet and exceed customer expectations, and are committed to delivering excellence.

Isolink works with customers from program inception to the final implementation of the most demanding design and application challenges. We are proud to provide innovative products and custom solutions with uncompromising quality and on-time delivery.

Founded by veterans in the optoelectronics industry, Isolink is headquartered in Milpitas, California.


Isolink, Inc.
880 Yosemite Way
Milpitas, CA  95035
Phone: (408) 946-1968
Fax: (408) 946-1960

Posted  4/29/2013

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