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Interface Coiled Tubing Load Cells

interface Advanced Force Measurement

September 26, 2013

Interface Coiled Tubing Load Cells - RF CafeCoil tubing load cells are used for measuring the insertion force of small diameter (typically 0.5 to 4.5 inch) stainless steel tubing that is inserted into the borehole / wellbore at the wellhead. A borehole is any hole drilled for the purpose of exploration or extraction of natural resources such as water, gas or oil where a well is being produced. The coil tubing (CT) is usually installed when the well, which has been drilled, is deemed ‘viable’ and will produce the natural resource in a productive and economic manner. Coil tubing provides intervention allowance of vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells(1). Adding the coil tubing allows prolonged fluid extraction (and/or insertion) from/to the wellbore. Note: Wellbore is often used interchangeably with drill hole or borehole, though typically "borehole" is referred to in ore mining, exploratory drilling, pilot holes for installing piers or underground utilities, or any other of a number of single use hole drilling(2).

Typical wellbores can be thousands of feet in depth/length. Estimates of the longest wellbores are conservatively, up to 17,000 feet, and typically up to 24,000 feet in depth, although the deepest is located in Russia: Kola Superdeep Borehole(3) at over 40,000 feet.

Coil tubing is forced into the wellbore via a “coil tubing injector head” in the field or offshore – an insertion process which has been used for decades, with typical insertion rates at 50 to 100 feet-per-minute.

Figure 1 Coil tubing truck carrying a large spool of 2" tubing with the injector head (right side). Courtesy Stewart and Stevenson Inc. 2013
Figure 2. Borehol


Interface Inc.
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Posted  October 10, 2013