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FEKO 2013 Student Design Competition Begins

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March 12, 2013 Press Release

-- FEKO Student Competition Celebrates 10 Successful
    Years of Winners!

Now in its 11th year, the FEKO Student Competition is open to all under-graduates and post-graduates who work on a supervised project in electromagnetic engineering and make use of FEKO. This annual competition is organised to give students an opportunity to showcase their work.

There are some great prizes up for grabs – a state-of-the-art laptop computer or attendance to an industry related conference anywhere in the world!

“Our distributors and resellers are committed to supporting engineering education and encourage the students in their regions to enter.  By using FEKO they gain experience with a leading CEM tool that is widely used in industry,” explains Ulrich Jakobus, Director of EM Software & Systems–S.A.  Institutions can apply for free Classroom Licenses for FEKO, which helps students to learn the basic electromagnetic principles or to investigate the finer intricacies of the different CEM techniques. The hybridisation of these techniques enable advanced research that would not be possible with a code that relies on a single technique.

 “We have recently increased the memory limit on classroom licenses from 512 MByte to 1 GByte. This increase enables the demonstration of larger problems to students and is also more suitable for use by students in their individual projects,” says Gronum Smith, Team Leader Marketing at EMSS.

He added that students are most welcome to contact FEKO regarding free licenses for the competition.

 “We are very pleased with the quality of entries we have received over the last ten years from across the globe. Winners have been selected from the University of Kent in the UK, University of Stellenbosch in South Africa and University of Villanova and Texas both in the USA.”

More information can be found at
About FEKO and EM Software & Systems-S.A. (Pty) Ltd.
FEKO® ( is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics code (CEM code) that is used widely in the telecommunications, automobile, space and defence industries. FEKO® offers several solution techniques (MoM, MLFMM, PO, Ray Launching GO, UTD and FEM) under a single licence.

Hybridisation of these techniques enables the efficient analysis of a very broad spectrum of EM problems e.g. 3D antenna design, antenna placement on electrically large structures, microstrip-antennas, microstrip-circuits, EMC, biomedical and scattering. With the MLFMM, and the true hybridisation of the solvers, FEKO® is considered the global market leader for antenna placement analysis.

FEKO® has a well-established global distribution and technical support network with subsidiary companies in North America, Europe, China and representatives in 8 other countries.  EMSS ( was started in 1994 as an engineering company consulting in general electromagnetic problems.

Posted  3/12/2013

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