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Doodle Labs Announces 4.4 GHz C-Band Broadband for the U.S. and NATO Military

June 12, 2012 Press Release

Interference Free Wireless Broadband for IP Based Applications

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Philadelphia, PA.  June 12, 2012

Doodle Labs is proud to announce high performance embedded radio transceiver DL4600 for wireless Broadband in the critical 4.4 GHz band. This band, also known as C-Band is  reserved exclusively for use by the US and NATO military. The DL4600 transceiver features near line of sight, multi-rate COFDM technology. The DL4600 dramatically improves the data throughput and enables the next generation bandwidth hungry IP based data, voice and video applications. Please visit DL4600 URL for further information.

The 4.4 GHz band, with its wider bandwidth offers several advantages. Because the band is restricted for military use, it is less crowded than the unlicensed spectrum. Without commercial products creating interference that degrade the network performance, voice, video, and data communications over the licensed 4.4 GHz band operate more efficiently and securely. The common frequency band allocation allows cooperation between US and international NATO forces.

Doodle Labs has leveraged the patent pending PrismTM technology to develop the DL4600 transceiver with miniPCI interface. The transceiver simplifies the development of new IP communication equipment for high throughput, long-range wireless networks. This compact and lightweight transceiver enables development of advanced communication capabilities for - 

·         Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV)
·         Infrastructure, Vehicular, rapidly deployable Mesh points
·         Security Robots
·         JTRS Manpack and Small Form Fit radios
·         Highly secure, interference free backhaul infrastructure.
Feature highlights:
1.  Industry’s highest performance available today. The DL4600 transceiver delivers up to 1W (30 dBm)
     RF power for greater distance.
2.  High throughput of up to 42 Mbps TCP/IP in 40 MHz channel bandwidth.
3.  The DL4600 transceiver features advanced filtering techniques that provide very high interference immunity.
4.  High receive sensitivity coupled with high SNR enables improved range in obstacle-rich environments and
     offers near line of sight capabilities.
5.  128 bit Advanced Encryption for data security.
6.  Lightweight construction (only 40 grams) makes it suitable for UAV application.
7.  Industrial grade design (-40 deg C ~ +85 deg C).

The DL4600 is available now for special OEM projects. For inquiries, please contact us at: enquiry@doodlelabs.com

About Doodle Labs

Doodle Labs is focusing on the development of best in class, ruggedized, embedded COFDM Wireless Broadband transceivers and systems for Military, Federal and Industrial applications. Doodle Labs’ products help OEMs to leverage the cost effective IP capabilities of Wireless Broadband to enable cutting edge applications. Doodle Labs has offices in USA and Singapore. 
For inquiries, please contact us at: enquiry@doodlelabs.com

Posted  6/13/2012
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