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Triad RF Systems Intros 40 Watt, 1300 MHz Pulsed PA Module

 August 2, 2012 Press Release Triad RF Systems logo

Model TA1004 - 1300 MHz , 40 W PULSED PA Module
This L-Band LDMOS amplifier module is ideal for pulsed applications including radar, medical and laboratory applications. This amplifier has several protection circuits including Load VSWR protection, low or high bias protection, reverse bias protection and thermal protection.
  • Pulsed Output Power = 40 W minimum
  • Linear Gain = 17 dB, can be increased to 40 dB
  • Gain Flatness = +/- .3 dB
  • +28 VDC, 2.4 Amps at 100% Duty Cycle, 0.8 Amps at 10% Duty Cycle
  • Rise and Fall time <200 nsec!
  • Size = 6.0 x 3.0 x .793 inches
Triad RF Systems Intros 40 Watt, 1300 MHz Pulsed PA Module - RF Cafe

About Triad RF Systems

We are RF Power Amplifier experts and we know how they work- And yet, simply knowing amplifiers isn’t enough. After all, RF Amplifiers, as technologically complex as they may be, are in most cases, components of larger systems. However, due to interactions between what is going into the amplifier and what the amplifier sees at it’s output, unintended consequences can occur. No one knows amplifier performance issues better than the designer, so Triad’s goal is to partner with our customers rather than simply be a supplier. Let us work directly with the system designer, or better yet, let us design the system ourselves. We can optimize the amplifier’s performance based on the components around it. With today’s increasing demand on linearity and efficiency, every tenth of a dB counts. Don’t lose those tenths by going with the other guys who only care about the bottom line.

Triad RF Systems
6 Lisa Court
Millstone Township, NJ  08510
731 310-9918

Date Posted  8/23/2012

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