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Richardson RFPD Introduces High Reliability DC Link Power Film Capacitors from Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products

February 22, 2012 Press Release -  Ideal for Power Inverter Applications Requiring Superior Life Expectancy Under Harsh Operating Conditions

Richardson RFPD logo

ichardson RFPD Introduces High Reliability DC Link Power Film Capacitors from Spectrum Advanced Specialty ProductsFebruary 22, 2012 – La Fox, Illinois: Richardson RFPD, Inc. today announces immediate availability and full design support capabilities for a line of high reliability DC link power film capacitors from Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products ("Spectrum"). The 55DC Link Series is ideally suited for power inverter applications which require superior life expectancy under the harsh operating conditions of wind and photovoltaic installations. The capacitors utilize segmented, self-healing metallized polypropylene for a life expectancy greater than 100,000 hours and feature high capacitance density and ripple current capabilities that make them an ideal replacement for electrolytic capacitors. They offer low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) and Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL), are compact and cost effective, and are tested to the environmental specifications of MIL-STD-202.
Key features of the 55DC Link Series include:
  • Capacitance Range: 160 μF to 680 μF standard (others available upon request)
  • Capacitance Tolerance: +/- 10% standard
  • Rated Voltage: 900 to 1300 VDC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -55°C to +85°C standard (+105°C upon special request)
  • Test Voltage Between Terminals: 150% rated voltage for 10 sec
  • Test Voltage Between Terminals and Housing: 5kVDC for 10 sec
  • Enclosure/Construction: aluminum housing, brass terminals with dry resin, UL 94V-0 encapsulant
  • RoHS Compliant
Custom, application-specific designs are welcome, with a variety of terminations and specifications available.
Spectrum high reliability DC link power film capacitors available now include:
  • 55DC-901-321-XX: 900 VDC Rated Voltage, 320 μF Capacitance, 2.1 mOhms ESR, 50 nH ESL
  • 55DC-901-441-XX: 900 VDC Rated Voltage, 440 μF Capacitance, 1.8 mOhms ESR, 60 nH ESL
  • 55DC-901-561-XX: 900 VDC Rated Voltage, 560 μF Capacitance, 2.1 mOhms ESR, 60 nH ESL
  • 55DC-901-681-XX: 900 VDC Rated Voltage, 680 μF Capacitance, 2.5 mOhms ESR, 80 nH ESL
  • 55DC-112-221-XX: 1100 VDC Rated Voltage, 220 μF Capacitance, 2.5 mOhms ESR, 50 nH ESL
  • 55DC-112-281-XX: 1100 VDC Rated Voltage, 280 μF Capacitance, 2.1 mOhms ESR, 50 nH ESL
  • 55DC-112-361-XX: 1100 VDC Rated Voltage, 360 μF Capacitance, 1.9 mOhms ESR, 60 nH ESL
  • 55DC-112-421-XX: 1100 VDC Rated Voltage, 420 μF Capacitance, 2.3 mOhms ESR, 80 nH ESL
  • 55DC-132-161-XX: 1300 VDC Rated Voltage, 160 μF Capacitance, 2.1 mOhms ESR, 50 nH ESL
  • 55DC-132-211-XX: 1300 VDC Rated Voltage, 210 μF Capacitance, 1.9 mOhms ESR, 50 nH ESL
  • 55DC-132-251-XX: 1300 VDC Rated Voltage, 250 μF Capacitance, 2.5 mOhms ESR, 60 nH ESL
  • 55DC-132-321-XX: 1300 VDC Rated Voltage, 320 μF Capacitance, 2.8 mOhms ESR, 80 nH ESL
Common configurations are in stock and available for immediate delivery. To find more information, or to purchase these products today on the Richardson RFPD website, please visit the 55DC Link Series webpage. These capacitors are also available by calling 1-800-737-6937 (within North America); or please find your local sales engineer (worldwide) at Local Sales Support. To learn more about additional products from Spectrum, please visit the Spectrum storefront on the Richardson RFPD website.

About Richardson RFPD, Inc.:
Richardson RFPD, Inc., an Arrow Electronics company, is a global leader in the RF and wireless communications, power conversion and renewable energy markets. Relationships with the industry’s top component suppliers enable Richardson RFPD to meet the total engineering needs of each customer. Whether it’s designing components or engineering complete solutions, Richardson RFPD’s worldwide design centers and technical sales team provide support for all aspects of customers’ go-to-market strategy, from prototype to production.  More information is available online at

For details, contact:
Dave Rossdeutcher
Global Marketing Director - EPIC | Richardson RFPD
Phone: (630) 208-2700
40W267 Keslinger Road
P.O. Box 307
LaFox, Illinois 60147-0307

Posted  2/23/2012
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