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Instruments for Industry (IFI) eNews February 2012

February 15, 2012 Press Release

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Industry News
Apple Blocks Cell Phone Radiation App
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Massive Solar Flare Sends Radiation
Storm to Earth

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T-Rays Technology Could Help
Develop Hand-Held Medical Scanners

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Free Datasheet for IFI's S251-500
Series Solid State Amplifier

IFI's S251-500 SeriesOur innovative
S251-500 series amplifier provides
a minimum of 500
watts of CW power
for the frequency range of 0.8-2.5GHz. Size matters; these units are a compact design. We have a 7.0” high power supply drawer 7.0”H x 19”W x 25.25”D with PA drawer only 10.5”H x 19”W x 25.25”D
Click here to download our datasheet
Free Application note

Application Note: RF Power Costs Money; How Much
Do You Really Need?

RF power amplifiers are probably the least understood and poorly treated assets in your laboratory. This article will explain the basics of how to select your amplifier for a given test application. We will walk through the basic steps that determine the minimum RF output power required to reliably develop the field strength that your test requires.
Click here to download our application note
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Compliance Corner
IEC Releases EMC Emission
Assessment Standard

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FCC Acceptance of CISPR 22 Data
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IFI's RF Field Calculator AppHave you downloaded our RF Field Calculator App?
The App helps engineers and technicians simply
determine how much power is required at an antenna
RF input connector to achieve a specific field level in volts/meter.
Download Here

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Posted   2/15/2012

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