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Azimuth Systems Announces Industry’s First Fully Integrated Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite

May 7, 2012 Press Release

Azimuth Systems

-- Comprehensive Wi-Fi Performance Solution for Smart Devices
ACTON, MA- June 6, 2012 - Azimuth Systems, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive real world wireless test solutions for 2G/3G/4G, LTE-Advanced and beyond, today announced its new Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite, the first component in the Azimuth Data Offload and Connectivity Solution Family. The Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite, designed specifically for service providers and mobile device vendors, provides a fully automated test plan for Wi-Fi performance and connectivity testing that exceeds the basics of Wi-Fi Alliance® certification testing. The test suite has been designed for ease-of-use and provides a cost effective solution for benchmarking Wi-Fi device sensitivity, range, and throughput in a variety of real world environments.
400WB Wi-Fi MIMO Channel EmulatorDeveloped with the assistance of a leading US service provider and designed to meet their requirements for an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement  Wi-Fi performance device acceptance  test plan, Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite is based on proven technologies and platforms, including Azimuth’s ACE™ 400WB Wi-Fi MIMO Channel Emulator and DIRECTOR™ II Test Executive.  Together, these integrated components allow a fully automated and repeatable test-bed for Wi-Fi throughput, RX sensitivity (rate vs. range and radio sensitivity), quality of service and connection reliability.
Azimuth’s ACE 400WB MIMO Channel Emulator – the hardware foundation for Wi-Fi Data Offload and Connectivity Solutions– is the industry leading, purpose built, Wi-Fi channel emulator that vendors can easily configure in a wide range of topologies including as a 4x4, bi-directional channel emulator.  Coupled with Azimuth’s DIRECTOR II software suite, which provides the industry’s most robust, fully automated test management software, Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite delivers unequalled ease-of-use, comprehensive performance testing, and seamless automation to ensure that benchmarking, troubleshooting and interoperability testing can quickly and easily be completed in a real world environment -- without leaving the lab.
“The mobile world is growing increasingly complex, making testing more challenging. As Wi-Fi clients in  smart devices have become more ubiquitous, service providers and device vendors have been challenged with ensuring superior Wi-Fi performance and delivering a comparable experience to subscribers irrespective of whether the connection is delivered over the cellular WAN or a Wi-Fi LAN,” said Jim Iuliano, president and CEO of Azimuth Systems.  “Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite is the first of several Azimuth Wi-Fi Data Offload and Connectivity Solutions aimed at simplifying execution of a wide range of test cases.”
Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite is available now. Please contact the Azimuth sales team at for further details.

About Azimuth Systems
Azimuth Systems is the leading provider of comprehensive real world wireless test solutions for 2G/3G/4G, LTE-Advanced and beyond. Azimuth offers field-proven, solutions-focused automated wireless test equipment that brings the makes testing more affordable and reliable by increasing the scope of testing while enabling real world performance testing across the entire product design cycle, resulting in high quality devices that perform as expected in the field.

The company is based near Boston, Massachusetts, USA and may be contacted at +1 (978) 263-6610 or at Follow Azimuth Systems on Twitter at:
Azimuth® is a registered trademark of Azimuth Systems and ACE™ is a trademark of Azimuth Systems.

For additional information contact:

Erik Org
Senior Marketing Manager
Azimuth Systems, Inc.
+1 978-268-9211

Posted  6/6/2012

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