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Test Parts Press Release - October 13, 2011

 TriQuint October 2011 Product Announcements

TriQuint SemiconductorNew Product Announcement
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Announcing the latest additions to TriQuint's innovative RF portfolio for mobile device, defense & aerospace and networks infrastructure markets. These solutions are designed to improve system performance and lower overall cost.


Low-Cost Tx Module for ULC 2G Handsets
TQM6M4068 Features
  • Optimized cost for all ULC GSM / GPRS chipsets
  • GaAs performance with CMOS competitive pricing
  • Quad-band Tx: GSM850 / 900 / DCS / PCS
  • PA / LPF / SP4T switch
  • Best-in-class PA efficiency
  • Industry's lowest harmonics at antenna port
  • Available in high-volume production
  • Industry-leading package size: 5x6mm
More Information on TQM6M4068
Highly Efficient 18W GaN RF Power Transistor
T1G6001528-Q3 Features
  • Fills a market void in the 15-20W power range
  • Can be used as a driver or final stage
  • Operates at 28V
  • >18W output power
  • > 60% efficiency
  • >10dB linear gain
  • Uses TriQuint's 0.25mm production process
  • Industry-standard earless ceramic package
More Information on T1G6001528-Q3
Broadband Digital Variable Gain Amplifiers
TQM8M9075, TQM8M9076, TQM8M9077 Features
  • 50-4000 MHz broadband operation
  • Combines DSA + gain block
  • Low noise figure (<4dB)
  • High linearity (>36.5dBm OIP3)
  • 6-bit, 31.5dB range, 0.5dB step
  • No external matching required
  • 5x5mm SMT package

More Information on TQM8M9075

More Information on TQM8M9076

More Information on TQM8M9077

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Posted  10/14/2011

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