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MegaPhase Press Release - May 24, 2011

MegaPhase and NorthStar Foundation Raise Awareness and Funds for Wounded Warrior Project® and Autism Speaks®

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Stroudsburg, PA – May 24, 2011 –  The NorthStar Foundation, a charity founded by MegaPhase CEO Bill Pote, hosted a Kentucky Derby party and fundraiser to benefit two charities that have special meaning to MegaPhase and Mr. Pote, the Wounded Warrior Project and Autism Speaks. This years' event not only raised awareness but also over $12,000 to be split evenly by the charities. Over 100 guests contributed to support these important causes.

"Every day the MegaPhase Team is honored to work with customers, suppliers and our Team Members whose lives are affected by disabilities" observes Pote. "Working with wounded veterans and families who care for children challenged by autism have inspired us to contribute and help any way." The NorthStar Foundation was founded specifically to support those with disabilities, especially wounded veterans returning from overseas contingency operations, and developmentally disabled children and adults.

Wounded Warrior & Autism Speaks bannerIt has long been a tradition at MegaPhase to work with and protect the Warfighter since it's rugged, field-proven RF cables are used in the critical electronic warfare and force protection systems. Among many applications, over 200,000 of MegaPhase's Warrior Cables ® are fielded on vehicles, including HWWMV, MRAP and Stryker, in overseas contingency operations. "MegaPhase cables provide reliable signal processing in systems that locate and jam radio-controlled roadside bombs, known as improvised explosive devices (IEDs)" explains Pote. "With IED's responsible for nearly 2/3 of our heroes wounded in action or killed in action, it is critically important that our Warfighters have the necessary equipment to protect their lives and come home to their families safely."

The Kentucky Derby party included a bounce house and pony rides for the children, and many of the guests came dressed in their Kentucky Derby finest, sporting wide brim hats and seersucker jackets. The upbeat crowd enjoyed good barbecue, live music and good cheer.

Notable contributors include the Turgeon family, MegaPhase, ERG, Obvious Inc, Sentry Insurance, John Serafin of FNCB Bank, Lisa Earl-Sperry, Click Happi Photography, Maria Jaramillo and contributions made in the memory of Robert Cuccinelli. "Our appreciation goes out to all who supported the benefit and these worthy causes," Pote states.

Bill Pote,

About MegaPhase, LLC

MegaPhase is an ISO-9001:2008 certified privately-held company that designs, manufactures and sells RF/Microwave coaxial cable, cable assemblies, connectors and RF components through 70 GHz. Located in Stroudsburg, PA, MegaPhase customers include OEMs in instrumentation, broadband networking, wireless communications, semiconductor, advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, space and defense. MegaPhase products include GrooveTube® test cables , semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables for advanced systems, test adapters and coaxial connectors . MegaPhase's broadband and high frequency interconnect technologies include coaxial cables have been used reliably to test smart phones, transmit signals on the US Navy's new AWACS E-2D Advanced Hawkeye, Agilent's new FireFox® handheld analyzers, and many other high-profile projects. For more information contact MegaPhase at 570-424-8400, by e-mail at or visit

2098 West Main Street, Building 3
Stroudsburg, PA 18360-9526

Posted 5/24/2011

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