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Z-Communications, Inc. Press Release - November 14, 2011

Z-Communications Introduces New DRO Series VCOs
with Electrical Tuning 8 to 12 GHz

-- Low Phase Noise (-110 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset)
    Low Power Consumption (100 mW)
    Surface Mount Package or Connectorized Metal Enclosure

Z-Communications, Inc.

November 14, 2011

Z-Comm DRO10000A phase noiseZ-Communications, Inc., the leader in Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) technology, has raised performance standards to new heights through the introduction of the DRO Series of high performance oscillators. DRO oscillators are sure to meet the demands of any Up/Down Converter system requiring an ultra-low phase noise LO solution. The DRO Series of high frequency oscillators use high-Q dielectric resonators and are currently available at 8 to 12 GHz. The electrical tuning option for the DRO operating at 10 GHz has a control range of 0-12 Vdc, providing ultra-fine tuning precision. The electrical tuning provides ±3 MHz of frequency control allowing the oscillator to be quickly and easily phase-locked. DRO Series oscillators provide a low phase noise and an exceptional spectral purity as good as -110 dBc/Hz, typically, at 10 kHz from the carrier. DROs minimize power consumption by operating off a 5 Vdc bias while drawing only 20 mA, typically, and are available in a surface mount packages measuring 0.91 x 0.91 x 0.40 inches. For rugged applications, DROs are available in a connectorized metal enclosure measuring 1.25 x 1.25 x 0.85 inches.

DRO10000A packagesIn addition to the superior phase noise performance and electrical tuning advantage, the DRO series oscillators deliver 0±3 dBm of output power into a 50 ohm load. DROs are designed to operate over the industrial temperature range of -40 to 85°C making them a good fit for the toughest environmental applications. These exceptional devices will enhance any PLL control system due to their low tuning sensitivity figure of approximately 1 MHz/V. The DRO Series oscillators have second harmonic attenuation of better than -25 dBc. The pushing specification for the 10 GHz DRO is less than 1 MHz/V within a 5% change of the supply voltage while pulling is less than 2 MHz with a 12 dB return loss, any phase. Delivery time is 4-6 weeks ARO at $195.00 each. Contact the factory for production delivery and OEM pricing.  
For further information on the DRO Series or any other oscillator product from Z-Communications, please contact an Applications Engineer via e-mail at applications@zcomm.com or you can visit the company web site at http://www.zcomm.com.
Download this press release, photo and 10 GHz DRO datasheet here

DRO10000A electrical specifications

RoHS logoAbout Z-Communications, Inc.

Z-Z-Communications, Inc. is a pioneer in developing Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO) and Phase Locked Loop (PLL) synthesizers for the commercial marketplace since 1987. With devoted customers, Z-Communications, Inc. serves wireless and communication industries by providing the most effective and competitively priced RF/microwave components, as well as custom component designed to meet customer specific needs. Our sophisticated automated manufacturing facility, located in the US at our headquarters in San Diego guarantees a high level of repeatability, reproducibility and control. For more information please visit us at www.zcomm.com or contact our sales department.

Z-Communications, Inc.
Phone: (858) 621-2700
Fax: (858) 486-1927
URL: http://www.zcomm.com
Email: mailto:applications@zcomm.com

Posted  11/15/2011

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