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AlphiMAX - August 24, 2010

AlphiMAX Introduces Web-Based Point-to-Point Estimator AlphiMAX

RF Cafe - AlphiMAX Introduces Web-Based Point-to-Point EstimatorSunnyvale, CA, Aug 24, 2010 - AlphiMAX Inc. releases the first of a kind online web based service. The software, called Point-To-Point Estimator, which its latest version was loaded to the site on August 21, 2010 supports high accuracy estimations of wireless communication in all frequencies including microwave. With integrated 3D views of your wireless link this is the ultimate tool to address your preliminary design needs.

Additional Features:
Integrated with worldwide interactive map view, data bases of temperature, terrain data, gasses and other parameters that affect the availability of high frequency propagation, AlphiMAX is now providing real time accurate estimation of your wireless link solely based on the location and tower heights you provide.

Anywhere in the world, at any weather condition you can now estimate your link availability. No need to look for any data and plug it into complicated tools and formulas, they do that for you.
Integrated three dimensional (3D) map and view of your link, allows you easy bird's eye view of your site, 360 site tour and full automatic fly the path mode. All making it easier to see the terrain your link is going through.

Additional Products:
Until now the tool allowed users to estimate Point-To-Point wireless links for FREE and compare products from six different vendors: Alvarion, Axxcelera, Ceragon, DragonWave, Motorola and Trango. The new version adds products in the 8 GHz, 10 GHz, 11 GHz, 15 GHz, 18 GHz and 23 GHz bands. Specifically adding TrangoLink Apex.

RF Cafe - AlphiMAX Introduces Web-Based Point-to-Point Estimator
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AlphiMAX, sorting the wireless world.

Posted 8/27/2010
A Disruptive Web Presence

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