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Innovative Power Products Press Release - July 13, 2010

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Innovative Power Products, Inc.
1170 Lincoln Ave., Unit 7
Holbrook, NY 11741

July 13, 2010

IPP Announces New 3 dB, 90° SMD Hybrid Coupler

Product News

Innovative Power Products introduces their Model IPP-2192, 3dB, 90 degree surface mount hybrid coupler that operates from 80 – 1000 MHz.
The IPP-2192 will combine two signals up to 250 Watts CW of total output power. This coupler is produced in a Drop-In package size of 2.50 x 3.70 inches. Insertion Loss is less than 0.75 dB, Amplitude Balance is less than ± 1.20 dB, Phase Balance is less than +/- 8 degrees, VSWR is less than 1.35:1 and greater than 16 dB of Isolation.
IPP also manufactures 2-Way Combiners, 4-Way combiners and Dual Directional Couplers for this band.
In the last few weeks, we've added more than 65 products to our online product listings, complete with product specs and detailed outline drawings. Be sure to visit our product pages to see our expanded offering.
Delivery for the IPP-2192 is stock to 4 weeks. For pricing or additional information, please contact the Sales Department at 631-563-0088, or email us at

IPP-2192 Electrical Specifications

RoHS CompliantThe IPP-2192 is also available in two RoHS compliant versions which are RoHS Tin (IPP-2192RT) and RoHS Gold (IPP-2192RG).

Delivery is stock to 4 weeks. For pricing or additional information, please contact the Sales Department at 631-563-0088, or email us at

IPP-2192 Outline Drawing   Typical Test Data for IPP-2192
                 View the a IPP-2192 Outline Drawing in pdf format                     View Typical Test Data for IPP-2192 in pdf format

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RoHS CompliantIPP is a designer and manufacturer for applications in the RF and Microwave industries, and offers a variety of broadband, high power couplers, combiners, RF power resistors and terminations operating up to 6 GHz. Our RF Resistors, Terminations and 90 degree Drop-in Hybrid Couplers are RoHS compliant.

Innovative Power Products, Inc.
Registered To ISO 9001:2008
Certificate Number: 10009425



If you have any questions about our products please contact me, Tom Passaro, at or phone 631-563-0088.

Tom Passaro
Innovative Power Products

Posted  7/142010

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