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Instruments for Industry (IFI) Press Release - August 11, 2010

Instruments for Industry E-News
August 11, 2010
An EMC Product and Industry News Update
Featured Promotion
Win a new NetbookWin a new Netbook!
This month, we are offering IFI E-News readers the chance to enter and win a new Netbook. Lightweight and compact, a netbook is the ideal companion PC to browse the Web and access e-mail. Enjoy a screen size of less than 12.1 inches for portability and built-in wireless networking to connect on the go. Or win one of twelve high-quality IFI branded baseball hats! Just click ‘Read More’ and complete our survey to be entered into the drawing.
Entries accepted until October 29, 2010.
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Industry News
Study: Cell Phone Towers Don’t Raise Cancer Risk
Read More
Navy Tests Affect Consumer Electronics
Read More
Apple Tour Features 17 Anechoic Chambers
Read More
Application Notes
Power Conversion Table Application Note DownloadFREE DOWNLOAD: Power Conversion Table Download
This application note from IFI features a free dBm to Watts power conversion table with a 30.0 dBm to 70.0 dBm and 1.00 to 10,000.00 Watt range. Click the Read More button for your free copy.
Read More
Compliance Corner
Introduction to EMC Screening Measurements Published
Read More
EMC Immunity Requirements for Components of Fire, Security Alarm Systems
Read More
Contracts & Awards
Company Wins $3M EMC Military Contract
Read More

All IFI product availability, information and technical specifications are subject to change without notification. Please consult Instruments for Industry for the latest information and availability.

Product Highlights

ST61-50 Series amps for Radiated Susceptibility EMC Testing Applications
ST61-50 Series amps for Radiated Susceptibility EMC Testing Applications:

Our IFI ST61-50 series amplifier provides a minimum of 50 Watts of CW Power for frequency ranges ranging from 0.8-6GHz in various bands. Typical bands are 0.8-2GHz, 2-3.5GHz, and 3.5-6.0GHz. This type of amplifier is available at 10 watt, 20 watt, 25 watt & 50 watt power levels. The units are compact designs in a single drawer 10.5”H (depending on the power level and options) x 19”W x 25.12”D. This compact design is ideal for the high power test requirements for pre-compliance testing, EMC testing and all lab and test installations. Other frequency bands and high power levels are available.
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IFI’s SMIV2000 Amplifier
IFI’s SMIV2000 Amplifier is awesome!

Only (1) rack wide 400-1000-MHz amp producing 2000 watts. This amplifier is perfect for EMC testing in any lab, chamber or mode-stir applications. Our design is compact and ideal for all test requirements that customers must meet for today’s programs. We also offer other frequency ranges to meet virtually any customer’s requirement. Click "Email Us" now to receive a datasheet on this model.
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Posted  8/12/2010

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