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Instruments for Industry (IFI) News Update - November 15, 2010

Instruments for Industry E-News
October 1November 15, 2010

An EMC Product and Industry News Update

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Industry News

Company Awarded U.S. Navy's ‘Integrated Topside’ Contract
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Artillery Project Moves Toward Closure
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Aerospace Applications Material Offers EMI
Protection for Civilian Autos

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How 'Smart Antennas' Could Boost Wi-Fi Performance
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Application Note

VSWR vs Return Loss Chart

FREE Download:
"VSWR vs Return Loss Chart"

This application note from IFI features a free voltage standing wave ratio vs. return loss chart. Click the Read More button for your free copy.
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Compliance Corner

IEC Amends Radiated Emissions Immunity
Measurements Standard
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New Standard on Human Exposure to EM Fields
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All IFI product availability, information and technical specifications are subject to change without notification. Please consult Instruments for Industry for the latest information and availability.

Product Highlights

CMC300 Series Amps
CMC300 Series Amps for
EMC Testing Applications:
10MHz – 1.0GHz 300 watts

Our CMC300 series amplifier provides a minimum of 300 Watts of CW Power for the 10MHz to 1.0GHz frequency range. This type of amplifier is available at many power levels from 10 watts, through 500 watts. The unit is a very compact design in a single drawer 10.5”H (depending on the power level and options) x 19”W x 25.25”D. This 300 watt model is ideal for the high power test requirements for pre-compliance testing, EMC testing and all lab and test installations. Other frequency bands and higher power models are available.
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IFI’s RF & Microwave Amplifier Systems
IFI’s RF & Microwave Amplifier Systems:
1.0GHz-18GHz, 500 watts

IFI is showing one of our many versatile TWT amplifier systems that can be tailored to meet any customer’s requirement and application. Our RS181-500 is an ideal Integrated System for EMC applications. This system includes our 500-watt amplifier for 1-18 GHz (1.0-2.5 GHz, 2.5-7.5 GHz, 7.5-18.0 GHz). It is a versatile State-of-the-Art design that can be tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements for frequency range and RF output power levels. These systems can include any combination of Pulse, CW, or Pulse/CW (Gridded) amplifiers in very compact solutions.
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