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Docea Power SAS Press Release - June 2, 2010

Docea Power Secures $1.5M in VC Funding to Improve
Energy Usage of Electronic Devices and Systems

Moirans Grenoble, France - June 2, 2010 - Docea Power SAS, a rising actor in the field of EDA (Electronic Design Automation), specializing in tools for controlling the energy consumption of electronic systems, announces today it secured $1.5M in VC money after the successful launch of its Aceplorer product in 2009. The funds, raised from Rhône-Alpes Création, Alps Development Sustainable Investment, Siparex, Octalfa, and private investors, will be used to expand the company’s product offering and to increase its commercial deployment abroad, notably in Asia and the United States.

"Docea brings a comprehensive and unique solution to energy consumption and heat dissipation in chips and electronic systems, a problem that is highly critical in the mobile application industry," says Guy Rigaud, Director of Rhone-Alpes Creation "Benefiting from fast-growing trends in the green technologies and system level design (ESL) fields, the Docea’s positioning is highly promising.”

"We were impressed by the customer references Docea obtained among the Top 5 manufacturers of semiconductors only few months after its inception," commented Sebastien Touvron of Siparex. “We are confident in the ability of the company to rapidly expand its business internationally.”

"This investment represents a high sign of confidence and an important milestone in the history of Docea Power, " said Ghislain Kaiser, CEO of Docea Power "The support of well-recognized high-tech venture capitalists in our capital and the experience of our investors in the EDA field will enable us to increase the success of Aceplorer and to accelerate the marketing of new products at the international level".
The Docea solutions are the result of an R & D conducted in partnership with international research centers - IMEC, CEA-Leti, Verimag, G2Elab - and industrial partnerships.

Founded in 2006 by two brothers, Ghislain Kaiser (CEO) and Sylvian Kaiser (Technical Director), experts in energy management systems on chip (SoC) and embedded systems, Docea Power develops solutions for analyzing and optimizing energy and thermal behaviors while take into account the consumption-temperature interdependence far upstream in the design cycle where energy gains can reach 70%. The Docea solution allows electronic systems manufacturers meeting the growing demand for energy saving and reducing the risk of failure for new generations of nano-scale chips.

The centerpiece of the Docea offering called Aceplorer (ACE stands for Abstract Concept of Energy), models, simulates and explores all aspects of thermal energy and the architecture of electronic systems whatever their complexity may be. As of today, Aceplorer has been adopted by well known American and European semiconductor manufacturers and is deployed in production, by manufacturers developing integrated circuits for mobile applications.

About Docea Power
Docea Power develops and markets software applications for ESL design (Electronic System Level) to secure and optimize the power and thermal specifications of electronic circuits. The Aceplorer product is the first solution to take into account the interdependence of consumption and dissipation at system level and offers a complete methodology for the exploration of architectural choices and optimization of power and thermal behaviors of electronic systems very early in the design project. Docea Clients are manufacturers of electronic systems on chips or on cards operating wireless communication applications or multimedia, consumer, networking and automotive applications. For more information: www.doceapower.com
About Rhone-Alpes Création
Founded in 1989, Rhone-Alpes Création is a private Venture Capital Company (RSC) with a capital of 17 million Euros, which invests in innovative start-ups based in the Rhone-Alpes region. Since its inception, Rhone-Alpes Création has invested in more than 200 companies and currently has 57 participations in its portfolio. For more information www.rac.fr
About Siparex
Run by a dedicated team of seven employees located in Lyon and Paris, the business venture of the SIPAREX Group represents 16% (€ 132 million) of the funds managed by the Group and has 45 portfolio holdings. For more information:www.siparex.com
Following on the success of its venture capital subsidiary EXPANSINVEST, which holds fifty participations in the Rhone-Alpes and PACA regions, the Banque Populaire des Alpes has strengthened its regional capital investment from launching a new structure: Alps Sustainable Development Investments (A2D INVEST). A2D INVEST was founded in 2009 with an overall investment of 10 million Euros over four years. A2DINVEST performs seed-money investments in companies involved in renewable energy, respect of the environment projects, or in projects bringing progress in the fields of medicine and biotechnology. For more information www.alpes.banquepopulaire.fr

About Octalfa
Founded in 2006, Octalfa is an independent family investment company specializing in Life Sciences and headquartered in the Lyon region. Octalfa operates as a holding group facilitator primarily interested in early-stage investments. Octalfa is also involved in co-investments in more mature companies. For more information: www.octalfa.eu

Posted  6/2/2010

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