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MECA Electronics

Cobham Antenna Systems Press Release - February 16, 2010

Cobham Antenna Systems & Swedish Space Corporation Case Study

Antenna (Cobham Antenna Systems)
Antenna (Cobham Antenna Systems)
mounted beneath gondola. Photo
from Esrange, Swedish Space Corporation.
Balloon and gondola in flight
A balloon and gondola in flight. Photo from
Esrange, Swedish Space Corporation.
Gondola hanging in launching vehicle during “flight configuration test”
The gondola is hanging in launching vehicle
during “flight configuration test”. Photo:
KIT MIPAS-Team, Hans Nordmeyer.
Antennas for Swedish Space Corporation

Cobham Antennas Systems (Microwave Antennas) has supplied Swedish Space Corporation with an omni antenna for use on their balloon gondola, providing an effective link to transmit data to the ground. Mounted beneath the gondola and completely exposed, the antenna worked well throughout the harsh, freezing conditions of the flight from Kiruna in northern Sweden to Kuusamo in eastern Finland, helping to provide scientists with the data required.

EVD2-1450/124 omni antenna from Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave AntennasThis antenna, model number EVD2-1450/124, was selected due to its rugged construction in combination with the right frequency and specification for this application. The specification includes a frequency range of 1.4 to 1.5GHz, 2dBi gain, vertical polarisation and weighs 120 grams (4 ounces).

Report from Swedish Space Corporation: First balloon flight of 2010 successful

Early on Sunday morning 24 January 2010, at 01:46 local time, the scientific instrument MIPAS/B-Telis was successfully launched from the Esrange Space Center. The balloon gondola reached a height of 34 km and landed 14 hours later 40km west of Kuusamo in eastern Finland.

The scientific teams from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany, lead by Professor Hermann Oelhaf, and DLR-IMF lead by Mr Manfred Birk, were very pleased with the flight and they have received valuable scientific data. The scientific objective was to perform time dependent measurement of trace gases and cloud properties in the upper troposphere and stratosphere with various remote sensing techniques inside the chemically activated vortex.

In parallel, validation of data on board the ESA satellite Envisat and coordination with aircraft measurements during the Reconcile EU-FP7 arctic campaign at Kiruna Airport were also made.

The balloon flight was performed within the framework of the EuroLaunch co-operation between SSC/Esrange and DLR/Moraba.


Cobham Antenna Systems
Cobham Antenna Systems (Microwave Antennas), formerly known as European Antennas, is a British company specialising in the design, development and manufacture of antennas from 100MHz to 40GHz. Antenna development projects are undertaken for customers. All design, production and administration is carried out at a single UK facility. The company has ISO 9001 certification.

Cobham plc
Cobham’s products and services have been at the heart of military and civil systems for 75 years, keeping people safe, improving communications, and enhancing the capability of land, sea, air and space platforms. The company has four divisions employing more than 12,000 people on five continents, with customers and partners in over 100 countries and annual revenue of more than £1.4bn/$2.1 billion.

For further information about the MIPAS/B-Telis please contact:
Mr. Ola Widell, Campaign Manager, Science Services Division at Esrange Space Center
Swedish Space Corporation
Phone: +46 980-720 31 or +46 70 627 20 31
E-mail: ola.widell@esrange.ssc.se

Issued by:
Pamela Cornell
Publicity Manager
Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas
Lambda House, Little Green
Cheveley, Newmarket Suffolk CB8 9RG, UK
T: +44 (0)1638 732152
F: +44 (0)1638 731999
E: pamela.cornell@cobham.com

Posted 2/17/2010
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