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AWR Press Release - May 17, 2010

XP, Transim, and AWR Launch Online Design Exploration Environment
for Small-Signal RF Transistors

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NIJMEGEN, THE NETHERLANDS; PORTLAND, OR; and EL SEGUNDO, CA – May 17, 2010 – AWR®, Transim Technology and NXP Semiconductors today announced the launch of the NXP SimPort Design Center for online design exploration of NXP’s small-signal RF transistors. The SimPort Design Center provides a variety of online design solutions across NXP’s product portfolio and features an “interactive datasheet” for small-signal RF transistors.

The new online design exploration environment utilizes cutting-edge technology from all three firms and enables engineers to generate custom data sheets for a variety of operating conditions, which is not possible from the nominal conditions found in traditional PDF-based data sheets. AWR’s Microwave Office® and Visual System Simulator™ design suites are showcased within NXP’s SimPort Design Center in order to provide instantaneous performance analysis of test circuits and to populate characteristics within the interactive data sheet itself.

 “This online design and analysis environment allows engineers to enter specific operating conditions, such as frequency and termination, and immediately see the effect on a transistor’s characteristics,” said Ronald van Cleef, general manager of RF small-signal business at NXP Semiconductors. “The e-commerce tools built into the SimPort Design Center allow users to quickly order test objects while still working in the interactive data sheet.”

“I’m delighted for AWR to be able to offer another innovative way to bring its software to a broader community of users,” said Sherry Hess, vice president of marketing for AWR.  “NXP is a well-established AWR customer and together with Transim the team will no doubt be an extremely successful in providing a welcome new resource to designers around the world.”

“We’ve worked with NXP several years to develop their broad, powerful portfolio of online design solutions,” said Birgit Knorr, president and CEO of Transim. “Now with AWR’s cooperation, we are able to provide microwave and RF engineers with innovative online high-frequency solutions.”

The new online tool can be found at  and will also be featured at the IEEE MTT-S 2010 MicroApps held in Anaheim, CA at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 25, Booth 524.

About AWR Corporation
AWR, the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA, is a provider of software solutions that quicken the pace at which high-tech products like cell phones and satellite systems are developed.

About Transim Technology
Transim is the world leader in developing online design and support solutions for manufacturers of analog and mixed-signal products, microcontrollers, motor drives, and other complex technical products.

About NXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors provides high-performance mixed-signal and standard product solutions that leverage its leading RF, analog, power, digital processing and manufacturing expertise. These innovations are used in a wide range of automotive, industrial, consumer, lighting, medical, computing and identification applications.

Visit AWR at:
AWR.TV, AWR Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Sherry Hess
Vice President of Marketing
AWR Corporation
(310) 726-3000

Posted   5/18/2010

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