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Planar Monolithics Industries Monthly Newsletter - July 2009






New Products  -  July 9, 2009 

Covered In This Issue

Switched Output Amplifiers

Switch Matrices


Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter.  This newsletter will inform you on the latest developments of PMI and let you know of upcoming events.  

PMI is proud to announce its newest products.


We will send you information on our latest developments.


Please always feel free to contact us to discuss specific requirements as we specialize in designing low to medium volume, custom devices that meet your exact specifications.


We appreciate you passing this letter on to a friend.  Please use the "Forward Newsletter to a Friend" link at the end of this page.


RF/Microwave , Switchable Output Amplifiers (SPST thru SP16T)

PMI - Coaxial SwitchesPMI's has developed a series of amplifiers that offer switchable outputs.  These amplified switches offer performance over the 500kHz to 40GHz frequency range.



· Frequency Ranges from 500kHz to 40GHz

· Zero Loss or Gain Levels up to 60dB

· Output Power Levels up to +30dBm

· Signal Path direction can be forward, reverse, or bidirectional

· Custom Package Sizes Available

· Internal Voltage Regulation for +12 to +15VDC Operation
· Internal Reverse Voltage Protection
· TTL Controlled Switches (Ethernet and RS-232 available)
· Ultra-Fast Switching Speeds
· High Port to Port Isolation
· Unconditional Stability

All switched output amplifiers can be optimized to your specific frequency of interest.
Temperature Compensation is available on all units.
Hermetic Sealing is available.
Full MIL-STD-883 Screening is available.  Please specify requirement at time of ordering.
Gain and Phase matching is available on most units.


Click here to email us your order today!

Computer Controlled, Solid State RF Switch Matrices 

PMI has developed a full product line of RF Switch Matrices that
operate over the 20MHz to 40GHz frequency range.  Three standard models are offered that cover this frequency range, namely 20MHz to 3.0GHz, 2.0GHz to 18.0GHz, and 18.0GHz to 40.0GHz.  Any of the three models can be supplied as either a 4 X 4, 8 X 8, 16 X 16, or 32 X 32 non-blocking matrix.

All models offer switching control via TTL, RS232, RS422/485, Ethernet and via the front panel touch screen LCD.  All units are supplied in a ruggedized 6U, 19" Chassis.


Available Options Include:

ZL - Zero Insertion Loss

LV - Low Video Transients

HI - Higher Isolation 

Click here to view this product flyer.


Click here to email your specifications to us.


We truly value your interest in our company and our products.  We appreciate your feedback.  Please feel free to contact us with any requirements or questions that you may have.


Kevin Mason

General Manager, PMI


Phone (301) 662-5019 / Fax (301) 662-1731

Email: sales@pmi-rf.com / Web: www.pmi-rf.com

Posted 7/10/2009

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