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Pachira Press Release  1-16-2009

Pachira IP to Represent Panavision Imaging for Patent Enforcement

January 13, 2009, Ottawa, Ontario and Homer, New York – Pachira IP (, a leading technical intellectual property licensing firm, and Panavision Imaging LLC, a pioneering developer of high performance digital Image Sensors, have reached an agreement granting Pachira the exclusive right to represent Panavision Imaging in licensing its patented semiconductor technology.  Pachira brings a unique combination of technical, legal and business acumen to support Panavision Imaging’s valuable Image Sensor patents. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. 

Panavision ( is the world's leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of precision film and digital camera systems, lenses and accessories for motion pictures, television series and television commercials.  Panavision Imaging ( is an affiliated company that develops high performance digital image sensor chips.

 “Panavision Imaging’s technology is fundamental to modern high performance digital Image Sensors and has been leveraged by other imager companies in a range of products,” said Steven Adam, Vice President of Business Development for Pachira. It is our intention to ensure that Panavision Imaging is properly compensated for the exploitation by others of Panavision Imaging’s patented inventions and to find new markets and new customers for this fundamental digital imaging technology.”

 “We are proud of the accomplishments of the Panavision Imaging team and confident in the robustness of the IP portfolio it has built over the years.  We look forward to working alongside Pachira to guarantee that the full value of the company’s assets is achieved,” said Stephen Bernstein, Vice President and General Manager of Panavision Imaging.

About Panavision Imaging
Based in Homer, New York, Panavision Imaging, LLC is a pioneering innovator and developer of high performance CMOS image sensors and related technology. The company’s products are based on several patented and patent pending technologies including: Distributed Analog to Digital Converter (D/AD™), Active Column Sensor™ (ACS®), XtremePIX™, ADT™ and others. Offering sensors in 2D array, line scan and custom, their products are found in many low to high-end imaging applications, serving the consumer, commercial, scientific and industrial markets.

About Pachira
With deep roots in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries, Pachira IP is an authority on helping patent owners to extract financial value from their patents. By providing in-depth technical expertise and patent knowledge, Pachira is the only "one-stop-shop" for semiconductor and microelectronics patent owners looking to license or sell their patents. Pachira, whose experts have participated in hundreds of licensing programs over the last decade, serves customers around the world.

For more information contact:
Steven Adam
Vice President Business Development
Pachira IP
Tel: 613 829 0067 Ext. 220
Mobile: 613-853-5665

Stephen Bernstein
Vice President & General Manager
Panavision Imaging
Tel: 202-606-0713
Mobile: 917-861-3417

Posted 1/14/2009

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