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MMIC Solutions Press Release - 3/20/2009

MMIC Solutions Enters Millimetre Wave Communications Market

MSx600 shipped to millimetre wave pioneer HXI, LLC to achieve cost and space savings.

Ledbury, UK. 19th March 2009 - MMIC Solutions Ltd. has announced its entry into the millimetre wave communications market with the first shipments of its MSx600 range of integrated receiver modules to customer HXI, LLC. MMIC Solutions designs and manufactures small, low cost millimetre wave radio products for high capacity communications, security and defence applications.

Size, weight and, above all, cost, are crucial factors in millimetre wave radio systems. MMIC Solutions’ advanced technology allows these products to be manufactured using low cost circuit board materials and automated processes. This achieves substantial savings in cost, size and weight when compared to the more common milled-metal approach. The MMIC Solutions MSx600 series supports 1Gbit/sec full duplex within the 57-64 GHz band.

The first MSx600 modules were shipped to HXI, LLC, a maker of high capacity radio links based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA. MMIC Solutions’ miniaturised, cost-effective MSx600 range is perfectly suited to the commercial, industrial, scientific and military markets that HXI, LLC serves.

The raw bandwidth available at millimetre wave frequencies enables true gigabit per second capacity, full duplex, digital, RF connectivity. These systems are the ideal solution for rapid extension of gigabit Ethernet networks across campuses or in dense urban environments. They are a true alternative to fibre without the large costs and disruption associated with hanging or laying fibre or cabling.

Mobile operators are also under huge pressure to increase network capacity due to the explosive growth in the use of internet enabled handsets, location services, etc. Carriers are embracing millimetre wave radio links as a solution to increase backhaul capacity in their urban networks. Small, low-cost products such as MMIC Solutions' MSx600 range offer the perfect route to these advanced communications solutions.

HXI, LLC’s Senior Vice President & General Manager Dana Wheeler commented, “HXI has shipped over 1,000 millimetre wave radio systems in the past three years. We have been working with MMIC Solutions over the last few months. Its innovative technology has great potential to reduce the cost and size of our products.”

"Even at these high frequencies, the MSx600 receivers worked to specification first time,” commented MMIC Solutions’ President and CEO Rodger Sykes. “They performed well in tests including radio link budget and Bit Error Rate. This clearly demonstrates the capability of the technology and our team. We are delighted to be working closely with such a highly-respected partner and look forward to expanding this relationship to meet an ever-increasing demand for millimetre wave radios.”

The MSx600 range includes down converters, LO multipliers, and completely integrated receivers. The interfaces are industry standard WR-15 waveguide and IF output by SMA connector. These devices are available now.


About MMIC Solutions:

MMIC Solutions Ltd. is fast becoming a global leader in the millimetre wave industry, developing solutions for equipment makers in several markets including security imaging, high bandwidth communications, and high-resolution radar. The company designs, manufactures, and supplies innovative modules and sub-systems operating at frequencies between 50 GHz and 250 GHz.

More information about MMIC Solutions Ltd, is available at http://www.mmicsolutions.com or by calling +44 (1531) 651235.

About HXI, LLC:

HXI, LLC is a pioneer in the millimeter wave point to point digital radio space with several thousand Gigalink systems in operation since introduction in the mid 1990’s. HXI, LLC applies its MMW expertise to support commercial, industrial, scientific and military markets and is a recognized leader for innovative designs and systems.

HXI welcomes inquiries or solicitations at http://www.hxi.com or by phone at +1 (978) 521 7321

MMIC Solutions Contact:
John McNicol
Director of Business Development and Marketing
Email: john.mcnicol@mmicsolutions.com
Phone: +44 (0)1531 651235

Posted 3/20/2009

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