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Cycleo Press Release - September 17, 2009

Cycleo Unveils Its First Innovative Semiconductor IP
Bringing Unprecedented Range to Wireless Data Transmission

Lora™ expands wireless data transmission ranges by a factor of 20 to 30 without raising power

Cycleo ChartGrenoble, France – September 17, 2009Cycleo, a new intellectual property (IP) and services provider dedicated to the wireless semiconductor industry, today announces Lora™, an innovative semiconductor IP bringing unprecedented range to wireless data transmission. Based upon a disruptive patented technology, Lora (as Long Range) allows robust long range wireless communications at very low power. Targeting machine-to-machine (M2M), automatic meter reading (AMR) and handsets to devices markets, Lora addresses the needs of chip designers willing to differentiate from the 2.4 GHz (Bluetooth, Zigbee..) or GSM crowd by offering a long range mode with dramatic performance improvement at minimal cost.

Designers are increasingly facing limitations of conventional systems due to poor range (10 to 30 meters) or excessive emission power. Based upon innovative coding approach and served by smart calculation techniques, Lora offers unprecedented ranges enabling new high volume markets. Performances are perfectly suited to the fast growing 2.4GHz wireless M2M and AMR market segments. “For data rates required by AMR and M2M devices our coding/decoding and signal processing techniques offer exceptional ranges greater than 25km in line of sight for 10mW RF output power and without any change to the bill of material”, noted François Hede, CEO and co-founder of Cycleo.

Available as a low power digital IP block, Lora codes/decodes data to be transmitted and controls the radio. No need to re-design RF and analog sections of existing systems, Lora can typically be inserted in the digital portion (the baseband processor) of a standard radio chip.
Lora fits in any existing architecture and protocol and with less than 50K gates this small IP does not require top notch technology or expensive external components to perform at its best. Other than exceptional ranges, Lora technology offers extreme robustness to interferer (wide band), less than 2 milliseconds latency and allows ultra low power transmission so that most transmitting units will run on coin or AA batteries.

A leap in performance enabling a large number of new applications
Lora enables a world of new applications: smart metering, drive-by AMR, sensor networks, handsets to devices, smart tags, voice transmission, cattle tagging, long range, low energy data transmission, IntelliHome, assets tracking…“We are very pleased with both the performance and the market response. For all our customers Lora technology is opening new fields of applications with very large unit volumes. Early adopters will definitely put themselves in a great position to capture a large share of these emerging high volume markets”, stated François Hede.

Lora is available now; standard offer, named F2S (fast to silicon), includes a right to design and a service package with models, Verilog code, documentation and support, in order to ease development and integration. For information on pricing, please contact :

About Cycleo.
Cycleo is an intellectual property (IP) and design solutions provider dedicated to the wireless world. Based upon a disruptive patented technology, Cycleo’s semiconductor IP allow chip designers to achieve unprecedented low power long range wireless communications at minimal cost. The company targets machine-to-machine (M2M), automatic meter reading (AMR) and handsets to devices markets segments. Founded in 2009 by a team of wireless experts and semiconductor business veterans the private company Cycleo is based in the Grenoble area, France..For more information:

Contact Information
Chantal Cochini for CYCLEO
l'Ops PR , +33 (0)622 98 03 80


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