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Coaxial Dynamics - June 22, 2009

Coaxial Dynamics Introduces the Model 81021 USB Power Meter

Click to visit Coaxial DynamicsMiddleburg Heights, OH -- June 22, 2009 --


Dual Socket Wattmeter

MODEL 81021

The Model 81021 Average Reading Dual Socket Wattmeter allows you to measure both Forward and Reflected RF power with the flip of a switch. The Model 81021 uses standard Elements to accurately detect average RF power from 100mw to 10 kW over a frequency range of 0.45 MHz to 2.3 GHz.

Complete with an internal dual socket 7/8” Line Section and Quick Match RF connectors, Model 81021 offers the speed and reliability you expect from Coaxial Dynamics. A convenient front panel switch gives the user the ability to display Forward or Reflected power on the analog meter.
The Model 81021 is easy to use. No additional black boxes or delicate remote sensors are needed. Simply connect the Wattmeter in-line between the RF source and the Antenna or Load, insert the appropriate Elements and select either the Forward or Reflected switch position. The RF power is visually identified directly on the large 4 ½” mirrored scale.

Versatile and strong, the Model 81021 uses a heavy gauge metal case to protect the Wattmeter from impact shock and a leather strap makes for safe and comfortable handling. For added convenience, two sockets for storage of additional elements are located on the back of the unit.

Our use of a rugged shock mounted meter with a mirrored-backed scale along with superior taut band technology provides reliable and accurate readings, plus the integrity that satisfies both the US Navy and Canadian standards for bounce and vibration. This is your assurance of complete accuracy.

Your confidence in the quality and dependability of Model 81021 is assured with the Coaxial Dynamics Two Year Limited Warranty.

Coaxial Dynamics 81021 Average Reading Dual Socket Wattmeter

» Shock Mounted “Taut Band” Meter
» Large 4 ½” Mirrored Scale
» Internal Dual Socket 7/8” Line Section 
» Switch for Forward or Reflected Power 
» Quick Match Connectors 
» Uses Gold Plated Plug-In Elements
» Two Year Limited Warranty

Power Range:
Frequency Range:


Case Finish:
Nominal Size:

100 mW to 10 kW
0.45 MHz to 2.3 GHz 
1.05:1 Max
(With Type N connectors)
+/- 5% of full scale
50 Ohms Nominal
Type N Female standard
Others are available
Textured Nitro-Blue Paint
7-1/4” H x 5” W x 4” D
(18.4cm x 12.7cm x 10.2cm)
3.8 lbs (1.9 kg)  
  • 6800 Lake Abram Dr., Middleburg Heights, Ohio, USA 44130 • 1-800-COAXIAL (262-9425)
  • 440-243-1100 • Fax: 440-243-1101 • Web Site: www.coaxial.com  

Posted 7/23/3009

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