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Advanced Test Equipment Press Release - July 7, 2009

Advanced Test Equipment Announce Rental Availability of the New AEMC 6472/6474 Ground Resistance Tester ATEC logoSan Diego, CA - July 7 -- Advanced Test Equipment Corp. -- The GroundFlex™ Adapter Model 6474 is capable of power transmission tower and tower leg ground resistance testing when used in combination with the Model 6472 Kit. This multi-functional and high performance earth and resistivity tester has been designed for reliability, speed and accuracy. This is the ONLY system on the market capable of testing ground resistance of individual power transmission tower legs and total resistance without disconnecting the overhead ground wire. Not only will you save time and money with this comprehensive tester, but it is significantly safer than many other earth testing systems on the market.

Advanced Test Equipment Corp. - AEMC Model 6472Users of the AEMC® Tower & Substation GroundFlex™ are able to test both ground resistance of tower legs (individually and total) and overhead ground wires. Unlike traditional earth testers, the Model 6472 offers the possibility of analyzing the frequency behavior of earthing systems up to 5 kHz. By employing a high-frequency measurement signal it is possible to assess the behavior of an earthing system in the event of lightning. Other features include Bond Resistance, Ground Resistance, Soil Resistivity, Ground Coupling, Selective Ground Resistance using a Current Probe and Step & Touch Potential Testing.

NOTE: The GroundFlex™ Adapter Model 6474 can only be used with the Ground Tester Model 6472 Kit.

About Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Advanced Test Equipment is a rental solutions provider of test equipment for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Communications, Aerospace and related industries. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Advanced Test Equipment has over 28 years of experience and services clients worldwide. Additional information about Advanced Test Equipment is available at


Advanced Test Equipment
(888) 485-ATEC (2832)

Date posted - 7/7/2009