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Advanced Test Equipment Press Release - July 14, 2009

Advanced Test Equipment Announces Exclusive Availability of the PMM 9010 CISPR-Compliant Digital EMC/EMI Receiver 10 Hz - 6 GHz

ATEC logoSan Diego, CA - July 14, 2009 -- Advanced Test Equipment Corp. -- Narda STS R&D Labs, formerly known as PMM, has released its new fully digital 30 MHz EMC/EMI receiver and Advanced Test Equipment Rentals has exclusive availability for immediate rental. This precise, accurate, fast and easy-to-use EMC/EMI receiver is equipped with CISPR16-1-1 and MIL-STD-461F requirements making it fully compliant to all commercial and military standards. The PMM 9010 is the first fully digital receiver in the 10 Hz to 30 MHz range. With its sophisticated computation and direct Analog to Digital conversion, this state-of-the-art product also offers calibration-free operation.

Advanced Test Equipment - PMM 9010Functions include the powerful digital Click Analyzer, which automatically evaluates the click rate N, applies the use of exceptions and provides click measurement with a report including all mandatory data. The PMM 9010 also features the Smart Detector setting providing fast scanning using only the peak detector, which speeds up the click test and saves considerable time when compared with rescanning, especially for equipment under test that is only operated for short periods of time.

Thanks to its built-in tracking generator, PMM 9010 is also suitable for designing, characterizing and testing RF filters, and transducers making it the clear choice for any designer and test engineers needs. It is ideal for use in small labs, as well as commercial test labs, or for any application that requires fast, reliable and compliant measurements.

This amazingly compact unit weighs just 9 lbs. and is practical in stand-alone systems, as well as integrated as part of larger systems for manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic testing requirements. Rechargeable internal batteries also provide enhanced portability for use in field-testing applications where power sources are scarce.

About Advanced Test Equipment Rentals

Advanced Test Equipment is a rental solutions provider of test equipment for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Communications, Aerospace and related industries. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Advanced Test Equipment has over 28 years of experience and services clients worldwide. Additional information about Advanced Test Equipment is available at


Advanced Test Equipment
(888) 485-ATEC (2832)

Date posted - 7/15/2009 

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