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Repeaters Australia Press Release - 4/1/2009

Repeaters Australia Announces New
Tower Mounted Amplifier for CDMA450 Systems

Repeaters Australia PMHA450A-1 April 1, 2009 -- Tower mounted amplifiers are the most economical method of improving the performance of a network. They enable the system to be balanced more easily thus avoiding many problems. Mounted on the tower, close to the antenna, they eliminate cable losses between the antenna and the BTS, thus improving performance by reducing dropped calls, increasing system range and so increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

With a frequency range of 452.5-457.5/462.5-467.5 MHz, the tower mounted amplifier model PMHA450A-1 was designed for CDMA450 cellular systems.

The gain of the downlink amplifier can be adjusted, in 1dB steps, from the BTS.

The system features:
Output IP3+28dBm
Noise Figure (LNA)<1dB
Maximum input+10dBm
By-Pass Mode Loss2dB
Power supplyVia coaxial cable
MountingWall or pole
Remote control & MonitorFrom BTS
Repeaters Australia
A division of Dodgson & Co
Sydney, Australia
Telephone (61) 2 46 253254            



Posted 4/1/2009

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