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RFHIC Press Release - August 17, 2009

RFHIC Introduces 3-Way & 4-Way Active Divider
for Digital TV and Set-Top-Box Applications

Covering 45 ~ 1000 MHz, with 8 dB & 6 dB gain, good gain flatness & noise figure, great VSWR & Linearity

Suwon, Korea (August 17, 2009) –  RFHIC Corporation, manufacturer of active RF & MW components and hybrids for wireless telecommunication markets, released 3-way & 4-way Active Divider for Digital TV and Set top box applications.

RFHIC AD311 is a low cost SMD type 3-way active divider for LCD TV, PDP TV, CATVAD311 is a low cost SMD type 3-way active divider for LCD TV, PDP TV, CATV Set top box, or GE-PON applications. Most of the TV system and set top box systems for CATV, Cable modem, Digital TV, Analog TV applications which use multiple tuners will need RF power splitters to divide the RF signal efficiently before the tuner. AD311 covers 45 ~ 1000 MHz, with 8 dB gain, and has good gain flatness & noise figure, great VSWR & Linearity.

“Consumer electronics is a very competitive market, but with great potential. With technical leadership and proven products, we believe customers will benefit from the low cost and sturdy design of AD311. The device uses Gallium Arsenide Enhancement Mode pHEMT (E-pHEMT) technology, and is a MMIC(Monolithic microwave integrated circuit) designed for enhanced reliability and low power consumption, which will be very beneficial for system architecture. AD311 also has an internal bias circuit to maintain stable performance against temperature and power fluctuations, and have significant multi-channel distortion enhancement.” said the chief developer, Mr. BG Han.

• Multi Tuner Set-Top Boxes
• Home Gateways
• Digital TV(LCD TV & PDP TV)
• Telecommunication System

AD311 is lead-free RoHS conforming device, using a low cost, SMD QFN 3x3 16 pin Plastic Package with a 5V single power supply.

RFHIC also has AD412, which is a 4-way active divider. Both devices are matched for 75ohm application, but 50ohm applications including IF frequency & 800MHz bands can also benefit full performance with only a small matching change. All devices are 100% DC tested and RF tested.

Both AD311 and AD412 are available in sample quantity immediately. Production volumes will be available for shipment from October of 2009. For additional information regarding RFHIC’s products, visit or contact, (Tel:82-31-250-5011)


RFHIC is a manufacturer of active RF components and modules primarily for the wired and wireless telecommunication and broadcasting markets. As a No.1 active component manufacturer in Korea and expanding customer support across the world, RFHIC is already serving component communication equipments in over 45 international countries, and over 1000 customers. RFHIC was founded in 1999, and has been pioneering in the telecommunication and CATV component markets with new technology or new product features ever since. Major areas of business include Base Stations, Repeaters, Cable Networks, LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, Digital TV, Radar, Medical, Military, and Test Equipments for infrastructure markets. RFHIC is head quartered in Suwon, South Korea, and its US R&D office is located in Cary, NC, USA.

For more information, contact;
Kevin Kim
Senior International Sales Manager

Chris Park
R&D Director- US Office

Posted 8/17/2009

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