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RFHIC Press Release - 2/20/2009

RFHIC Announces New GaAs 1 GHz CATV Hybrid Amplifiers

2 New Products and Plans for the GaN CATV Hybrids

RFHIC 2F1G23CP & 2F8722CDFebruary 20th, 2009 - Suwon, Korea (February 20th, 2009) – RFHIC Corporation, manufacturer of active RF & MW components and hybrids with a heavy focus on GaN and GaAs technology, has released newest low-cost CATV hybrid amplifiers based on GaAs MESFET technology.

 These low-cost amplifiers are another fruitful success of RFHIC engineering team’s endless studies and efforts to bring complete satisfaction with superior performance to all valued customers. The 2F8722CD and 2F1G23CP being the prime products, feature 22 dB and 23 dB of gain respectively. The 2F8722CD is designed for use as power doubler and 2F1G23CP as push-pull amplifier in current and next generation CATV infrastructure applications, including hybrid fiber
coaxial optical nodes and line amplification. The new products now enable OEMs to better service the demand for higher-performance CATV infrastructure equipment with cost reduction.

Dr. Samuel Cho, Chief Technical Officer, RFHIC Corporation, said: “The CATV market today demands hybrid amplifiers for utilizing an ultra-linear and high-efficiency. The market is undergoing a major technological change. Silicon based CATV amplifiers are still in the market, but the need of GaAs and GaN technology based CATV hybrid amplifiers are increasing. The development of 2F8722CD and 2F1G23CP is necessary in order to meet our customers’ need for better performance and cost reduction. Those pushed away from GaAs technology due to cost reasons can now select 2F8722CD and 2F1G23CP.”

The 2F8722CD is operated from 45MHz to 870MHz and 2F1G23CP from 45 MHz to 1000 MHz. A reliable and mature GaAs MESFET technology is employed to provide high linearity at extremely low distortion and excellent return loss performance with low noise and optimal reliability. The 2F8722CD and 2F1G23CP achieve low distortion characteristics at 46 dBmV/channel and 38 dBmV/channel (both 135 channels) respectively. In addition, 2F1G22CD, an upgraded version of 2F8722CD, is planned to be released during the first quarter of 2009. This amplifier, as a power doubler, will perform 22 dB of gain and operate from 45M Hz to 1000 MHz.

Over 10 years experience in a variety of hybrid applications combined with GaN technology now actually allow RFHIC to develop GaN CATV hybrid amplifiers. The current development of GaN CATV hybrid amplifiers will revolutionize the market with high linearity, high efficiency, and high output power. The forthcoming GaN CATV hybrid amplifiers will not only improve performance of current applications like trunk amplifier and head-end equipment, but also for QAM technology used equipments.

The GaN CATV hybrid amplifiers is planned to be released during the second quarter of 2009. Technical features of the 2F8722CD and 2F1G23CP include:

 -  +24 Vdc supply voltage
 -  Industry-standard SOT-115J package
 -  No external input/output matching with minimal external support components
 -  2F8722CD: typical CTB and CSO respectively -63 dBc and -65 dBc
 -  2F1G23CP: typical CTB and CSO respectively -65 dBc and -66 dBc

Production quantities of 2F8722CD and 2F1G23CP are available immediately through international representative networks or by directly contacting rfsales@rfhic.com. For additional information regarding RFHIC’s GaAs MESFET and GaN based CATV hybrid amplifiers and other products, visit www.rfhic.com or contact rfsales@rfhic.com, (Tel: 82-31-250- 5011).

Click Here to Download Datasheet:
 - 2F8722CD
 - 2F1G23CP

RFHIC is a manufacturer of active RF components and modules primarily for the wired and wireless telecommunication and broadcasting markets. As a No.1 active component manufacturer in Korea and expanding customer support across the world, RFHIC is already serving component communication equipments in over 45 international countries, and over 1000 customers. RFHIC was founded in 1999, and has been pioneering in the telecommunication and CATV component markets with new technology or new product features ever since. Major areas of business include Base Stations, Repeaters, Cable Networks, LTE, WiMAX, UMTS, Digital TV, Radar, Medical, Military, and Test Equipments for infrastructure markets. RFHIC is head quartered in Suwon, South Korea, and its US R&D office is located in Cary, NC, USA.

For more information, contact;
Kevin Kim
Senior International Sales Manager

Chris Park
R&D Director- US Office
Posted 3/4/2009

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