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MegaPhase Product Alert - October 29, 2009

MegaPhase ZNTM Bayonet Connectors Equivalent to Type N through 15 GHz

Provide Fast and Easy Connects/Disconnects

Click to visit MegaPhaseMegaPhase bayonet-style connector & adapter Stroudsburg, PA Oct. 29 –  The MegaPhase ZN Bayonet-style connectors and adapter have proven to be essential in conditions when time is of the essence, and threading a traditional Type N is not practical.

MegaPhase LLC, a leading manufacturer of RF cable assemblies, connectors and adapters, designed the ZNTM to connect and disconnect more quickly and reliably than traditional Type N connectors. The quick connects and disconnects work in any kind of weather conditions. The environmentally protected ZNTM connector design includes gaskets to prevent water or solvents from migrating into the cable. These connectors are well-suited for applications that require more power than available from SMA, or MegaPhase’s ZMA line of connectors.

The ZN Connector was initially designed for Special Forces who needed to make quick connections with a fly-away kit for satellite links. These harsh conditions required fast and precise connections, great reliability and simple hand manipulation without any tools.
These same qualities make the ZNTM the connector of choice for testing applications that require multiple connections. For example, the ZNTM is essential when testing an X-Band RADAR system with 120 phase-matched elements. When equipped with ZNTM Connectors, each element takes much less time and skill to calibrate and tune. A single cable can be connected and disconnected to each element to tune the associated antenna.

MegaPhase ZNTM Series precision coaxial connectors and adapters can easily be mated and de-mated by hand with a quarter turn, no torque wrenches are needed, making it ideal for applications where space is tight. The connectors are “keyed” with lugs in 2-, 3- or 4-lug styles (customs on request). Since the MegaPhase ZN™ connectors provide a high relative coupling force, they are ideal for extreme vibration applications where insufficient room is available for spring-loaded blindmate panels.
For applications such as antenna systems, rapid deployment terminals and SATCOM, the ZNTM connector provides excellent mechanical stability and eliminates the need for lock wiring in high vibration environments.

“The ZNTM connectors and adapters are ideal for test systems, since they provide a fast and accurate method for continuous connects and disconnects,” notes William Pote, president of MegaPhase. He explains, “our customers may be jumping from an aircraft and need to establish a satellite link within minutes, and they most likely have more to be concerned about—such as incoming fire—than threading on connectors.”

The ZNTM connectors are available on the rugged and reliable Warrior CableTM and TM Series cables.
In addition to the ZNTM MegaPhase also offers a full line of both RF in-series and between-series coaxial adapters through 67 GHz.

MegaPhase ZNTM connectors and adapters electrical specifications

Contact MegaPhase for quote and complete data (570) 424-8400 or FastQuote@MegaPhase.com .


2098 West Main Street, Building 3
Stroudsburg, PA 18360-9526

Posted 10/31/2009

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