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Jyebao Press Release - December 23, 2009

Jyebao banner

Jyebao Announces New Line of VNA Test Cables

Taipei Shien, Taiwan / Arcadia, CA -- December 23, 2009 --  Vector network analyzer (VNA) equipment has large threaded connector bodies which are designed to stabilize the test port cables which are attached to the front of the VNA. Jyebao has developed a series of low loss VNA test cables that use ruggedized connectors to interface directly with the VNA equipment.

1) 18 GHz VNA test cables:
  • 2.4 jack to SMA plug (Jyebao P/N 2480A30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • 2.4 jack to N plug (Jyebao P/N 2480N30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • 2.4 jack to TNC plug (Jyebao P/N 2480T30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • PC7 to SMA plug P(Jyebao P/N C7A30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • PC7 to N plug (Jyebao P/N PC7N30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • PC7 to TNC plug (Jyebao P/N PC7T30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • PC7 to 2.4 plug (Jyebao P/N PC72430-VNA2-65CM18)
  • PC7 to K plug (Jyebao P/N PC7K30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • PC7 to 3.5plug (Jyebao P/N PC7PC30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • N plug to SMA plug (Jyebao P/N N30A30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • N plug to N plug (Jyebao P/N N30N30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • N plug to TNC plug (Jyebao P/N N30T30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • N plug to 2.4 plug (Jyebao P/N N302430-VNA2-65CM18)
  • N plug to K plug (Jyebao P/N N30K30-VNA2-65CM18)
  • N plug to 3.5plug (Jyebao P/N N30PC30-VNA2-65CM18
2) 40 GHz VNA test cables:
  • 2.4 jack to 2.4 plug (Jyebao P/N 24802430-VNA1-65CM40)
  • 2.4 jack to k plug (Jyebao P/N 2480K30-VNA1-65CM40)
Jyebao VNA Test Cable



Address: 9F, NO 651-7, Cheng Rd,Shin Juang City, Taipei Shien, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-29029282
Sales Manager: Pol Heyns

Company Name: JYEBAO USA
Address: 1621 Perkins Drive Arcadia, CA 91006
Tel: 626-347-7500
Fax: 626-226-4061
Sales Manager:Daniel Homer

Posted 12/23/2009

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