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AWR Press Release - November 3, 2009

AWR Design Environment 2009 Released!

AWRDE 2009 Is Now Available!

Download AWRDE 2009 The AWRDE 2009 is now in production and available to all customers on maintenance.

Electronic Download Option (preferred):

CD Shipment Option:
  • Email to request mail delivery of AWRDE 2009
  • Delivery package includes: software on a CD and hardcopy of the "What's New" guide

New licenses are required. Email to request. Copy of your current license file needs to be included.

The complete list of new features is available from the download site at under the Documentation tab and/or from the Help menu of the installed software. You can also click on any hyperlink within the "Whats New" guide to uncover additional details and explanations on new features.

Thank you,

AWR Corporation

PS: View "What's New in AWRDE 2009 (Flash Slide Show) >> to get started.

Microwave Office / Analog Office Version 2009

Microwave Office 2009 Microwave Office® / Analog Office® 2009 carries on the AWR tradition of advancing the wireless revolution with powerful new features that enable developers to improve productivity and shorten design cycle time.

Highlights Include:
  • Multi-Rate Harmonic Balance™
  • iFilter™ Filter Synthesis
  • Constant output power simulation
  • Enhanced load-pull analysis
  • EM Extraction enhancements
  • Layout improvements
  • Customizable project tree

Download AWRDE 2009 >>

Visual System Simulator Version 2009

Visual System Simulator 2009Visual System Simulator™ (VSS) 2009 simulation tool now supports AWR Connected™ for Rohde & Schwarz that adds real-world test signals from the company's R&S WinIQSIM2™ instrument software to the simulation to produce much greater accuracy than generic waveforms.

Highlights Include:
  • R&S WinIQSIM2 instrument software
  • LTE communications library
  • New RF models
  • New measurements

Download AWRDE 2009 >>

AAXIEM Version 2009

AXIEM 2009 The 2009 version of AXIEM™ delivers significant performance enhancements. With nearly linear scaling, AXIEM - even in its first year of commercial availability - outperforms alternatives.

Highlights Include:
  • Support for 64-bit PC platforms
  • Expanded support for multi-core configurations
  • Loss model improvements
  • Extensive sources/ports and de-embedding
  • Many new AXIEM example projects

Download AWRDE 2009 >>

About AWR
AWR is the innovation leader in high-frequency EDA software that dramatically reduces development time and cost for products employed in wireless, high-speed wired broadband, aerospace and defense, and electro-optical applications. The company’s core technology is unique among high-frequency EDA platforms in that it is inherently open and flexible. AWR continually strengthens its product portfolio with innovative new technologies that enable faster, more streamlined product development, the most recent of which are the ACE™, RFA™, and AXIEM™ tools. The privately-held company has thousands of active users and is headquartered at 1960 East Grand Avenue, Suite 430, El Segundo, Calif. 90245. For more information about AWR and its products, please visit

© 2009 AWR Corporation. AWR, the AWR logo, and Microwave Office are registered trademarks, and ACE, AXIEM, RFA, and Visual System Simulator are trademarks of AWR Corporation. All others may be trademarks of their respective holders.



Sherry Hess
Vice President of Marketing
AWR Corporation
(310) 726-3000

PoPosted  11/3/2009

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