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Teridian Press Release 12-8-2008

Teridian Joins ONE-NET Alliance

Teridian Semiconductor to Support ONE-NET Open-Source Wireless Control Standard

December 8, 2008 – Petaluma, California  –  ONE-NET announced today that Teridian Semiconductor has joined the ONE-NET open-source wireless networking alliance. Teridian Semiconductor joins a growing list of companies supporting the ONE-NET wireless standard.

Teridian's family of precision measurement microcontrollers combine very high precision analog measurement circuitry with a 32 bit RISC measurement engine, single clock per instruction 8051 microcontroller, RAM, peripherals, and Flash memory into a single chip.  Teridian provides Flash memory options that range from 8KB to 256KB.

"The efficiency optimization of the One-Net wireless protocol makes it an excellent match with Teridian's RISC enhanced, precision measurement microcontrollers, which together enable implementation of secure and robustly networked wireless home and building automation and monitoring products, at a very attractive solution cost,”  said David Gruetter, Chief Technology Officer for Teridian.

James Martin, CEO of Threshold Corporation, and a founding member of the ONE-NET alliance added “We are excited that Teridian will be supporting ONE-NET.  Their expertise in energy metering is a perfect application for the ONE-NET protocol.”

The ONE-NET wireless standard is the world’s foremost multi-vendor, open source wireless control protocol. ONE-NET was specifically optimized home control applications and includes important features such as integrated peer-to-peer operation.  It also features a high level of security, excellent range, and low power consumption. ONE-NET’s comprehensive design specification is distributed royalty-free, accelerating the availability and use of wireless connectivity in a wide variety of devices and applications. Source code examples for microcontrollers, schematics, and bills-of-materials for reference designs are readily available, and simple open-source licensing rules apply.

Teridian Semiconductor designs, sells and provides engineering support for its mixed-signal integrated circuits used in energy, automation, networking, and secure access systems. These ICs connect our customers’ digital systems to the analog inputs of our world found in utility metering, industrial automation, set top box, digital TV, voice over IP, electronic identity and point of sale applications.

Teridian Semiconductor is Simplifying System integration™ for its customers with a focus on accelerating system development, and reducing the engineering time required to achieve production. For more information, visit

For more information contact:

PO Box 750517
Petaluma, CA 94975-0517
Kevin Cotter
+1.707.283.5700 x122

ONE-NET: Wireless For Everyone

Threshold Corporation
1372 N. McDowell Blvd. Suite E
Petaluma, CA 94954
Phone: +1.707.283.5700
Fax: +1.707.283.5704

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