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MegaPhase Press Release 12-16-2008

 MegaPhase® ZMA Bayonet Connectors Finally Reduce
Cable Breakage and Improve Testing Reliability


Telecommunications, Aircraft and Military Depend
On MegaPhase’s ZMA for Rapid, Accurate Manufacturing Production

MegaPhase ZMA Bayonet ConnectorMegaPhase ZMA Bayonet ConnectorFinally high volume cell phone manufacturers in China and throughout the world are reducing production downtime with MegaPhase ZMA connected test cables. The ZMA Series precision coaxial connectors reduce annual cable replacement rates from six per year to practically none by using bayonet coupling connectors instead of threaded connectors.

Now cell phone manufacturers eliminate production points of failure caused by poor or failed testing results from rapidly-deteriorated test cable connections. With rapid coupling and de-coupling, threaded connectors too often fail from over tightening, and at best produce inconsistent test results from either under or over tightening.

Manufacturers such as Sprint-Nextel have found MegaPhase’s ZMA bayonet-style connector provides excellent mechanical stability and improves the accuracy of test results, while reducing time in coupling and decoupling process bringing down their labor costs.

The MegaPhase’s ZMA bayonet coupling connectors offer many critical advantages over standard threaded connectors. Since the connectors can easily be mated and de-mated by hand with a quarter turn, no torque wrenches are needed, making it ideal for applications where space is tight. The connectors are “keyed” with lugs in 2-, 3- or 4-lug styles. Since the MegaPhase ZMA connectors provide a high coupling force, they are ideal for extreme vibration applications where insufficient room is available for spring loaded blindmate panels.  

“MegaPhase’s ZMA are currently used in telecommunications, aircraft applications, and military systems,” notes Bill Pote, president of MegaPhase. He explains, “With lower labor costs and less interruption in the production line, telecommunications manufacturers have achieved significant financial returns from their ZMA connected test equipment.”

For applications such as antenna systems, this connector provides excellent mechanical stability and eliminates the need for lock wiring in high vibration environments where space is limited. In test systems, this connector provides a fast and accurate method for continuous connects and disconnects.

The connectors are “keyed” with lugs in 2-, 3- or 4-lug styles.  MegaPhase also offers a full line of in-series and between-series adapters, including SMA, through 18 GHz.



Passivated SST
per ASTM A582


per ASTM-D-1710

Center Pin

Gold Plated
Beryllium Copper
per ASTM-B-196

Mating Cycles, min.



Operating Frequency

DC – 18 GHz

Impedance, nominal

50 W

VSWR, max.
      DC – 8 GHz
      8 - 12.4 GHz
      12.4 – 18 GHz

Insertion Loss, max.

0.05 x (FGHz)½  dB

About MegaPhase, LLC

MegaPhase is an ISO 9001:2000 certified privately held company that designs, manufactures and sells RF/Microwave coaxial cable, cable assemblies, connectors and RF components. Located in Stroudsburg, PA, MegaPhase customers include OEMs in instrumentation, broadband networking, wireless communications, semiconductor, advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, space and defense. MegaPhase products include GrooveTube® test cables, semi-rigid and flexible coaxial cables for advanced systems, test adapters and coaxial connectors. MegaPhase’s broadband and high frequency interconnect technologies include coaxial cables through 67 GHz have been used reliably to test Sprint-Nextel cell phones, the US Navy’s new AWACS E-2D Hawkeye,  Agilent’s new FireFox handheld analyzers, and many other high-profile projects. For more information contact MegaPhase at 570-424-8400, by e-mail at wpote@megaphase.com or visit www.megaphase.com.

Bill Pote
Phone: 570-424-8400
Cell: 570-801-0731

More information on the MegaPhase ZMA Connector can be found at:

Photo of the MegaPhase ZMA Connector can be downloaded from:
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