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GIGACOMP Press Release 7-8-2008

GIGACOMP - New EB Propsim Business Partner in Germany and Austria

July 8, 2008 at 9.00 am. (CET +1)

EB has appointed GIGACOMP GmbH as distributor of EB Propsim radio channel emulators in Germany and Austria. Entering this cooperation is an important step for both companies as it will provide customers with improved availability of EB Propsim solutions locally. GIGACOMP GmbH represents renowned manufacturers of RF and microwave test equipment and components; EB is specialized in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for the wireless and automotive industries.

EB is a global technology leader in radio channel emulation. The EB Propsim radio channel emulators address a range of customer segments from chipset developers, network infrastructure manufacturers, mobile terminal developers, research centres, defence and aerospace, wireless operators to automotive electronics. GIGACOMP is already established in these markets with other RF products. It is therefore a perfect fit for our mutual customers.

“EB's range of radio channel emulators complements our portfolio of leading-edge products for the RF and microwave market. GIGACOMP is looking forward to develop the related opportunities together with the EB team. Our customers will benefit from EB's highly acclaimed emulators by getting their products faster to market and with better quality”, says Dr Bernd Fleischmann, General Manager of GIGACOMP.

Within its radio channel emulator business, EB is working with carefully-selected local business partners. This sales strategy provides our end-customers with a local contact point that is able to add value by delivering industry-leading EB Propsim solutions to solve their testing needs. GIGACOMP personnel are experienced RF engineers that can provide compelling testing solutions to wireless development and optimisation needs.

Sales Director Mr Pekka Niskanen of EB says: "We are excited to start this new cooperation with GIGACOMP after a careful selection process. The market for advanced wireless testing solutions in Germany and Austria is of prime interest to EB and we are confident our existing and future customers will benefit from this new local presence. Our EB Propsim radio channel emulators are widely used by the leading industry companies for WCDMA, WiMAX, LTE and emerging future technologies testing."

"The cooperation has already kicked off with customer deliveries," Dr Fleischmann and Mr Niskanen conclude.


Mr Pekka Niskanen
Sales Director, EMEA
Tel. +41 55 253 2054

Dr Bernd Fleischmann
General Manager
Tel. +49 89 322 089 57

Trade press

EB, Elektrobit Corporation
EB creates advanced technology and turns it into enriching end-user experiences. EB is
specialised in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for wireless and automotive industries. The net sales for the year 2007 totalled MEUR 144.3. Elektrobit Corporation is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki.

GIGACOMP GmbH represents renowned manufacturers of RF and microwave test equipment and components. Headquartered in Munich and staffed with experienced RF engineers, GIGACOMP serves the German and Austrian markets. Among its customers are mobile operators, network infrastructure manufacturers, automotive electronics companies and research organisations in the sector.

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