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Fotofab - Press Release 6-10-2008

 Fotofab’s “Dimple Shields” Give Board Level

Fotofab Logo

Engineers Unmatched Flexibility

Custom Shields Offer Easy Board Access Without Wasting
Space on Crowded Circuit Boards

Chicago, IL – May 6, 2008. Fotofab, a leading supplier of precision thin-metal parts, offers RF and board level engineers the design flexibility and cost efficiency they need to solve tough real estate issues on congested circuit boards with their custom “dimple” shields.The dimpled, snap-fit lid permits component access for testing and other procedures while eliminating the need for space-robbing lid-fixing hardware.  Fotofab's production process allows the latitude to create shielding solutions without dimensional constraints, even in complex shapes. This allows engineers to accommodate multiple components within complex circuit board layouts, all while realizing the cost savings and fast lead times of Fotofab’s photochemical machining process. Fotofab’s technical sales staff is available to discuss a shielding solution for any board.  Visit or reach,

(773) 463-6211.

About Fotofab
Founded in 1967, Fotofab continues to refine the photochemical machining process, (also known as chemical etching or milling) to produce custom precision metal parts in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. A veteran supplier to the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronic, telecommunications, medical manufacturing industries, Fotofab is among the leading suppliers of precision metal parts including RF/EMI shields, electrical contacts, screens, connector housings, and more.


Press contact:
Alison Anzalone
Phone: 773-463-6211

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