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Fotofab - Press Release 1-16-2008

 Fotofab Provides a “Green” Manufacturing Alternative

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Chicago manufacturer makes great progress in Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing.

Chicago – 1/16/08.  One of the most important issue facing manufacturers today is Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing (ECM).  While many companies have resisted this movement, Fotofab, a leading manufacturer of precision metal parts, has been embracing it for years.  The goal of ECM is to implement manufacturing processes that minimize hazardous waste and reduce scrap.  Thanks to several improvements in its processes, Fotofab has already made considerable progress in both of these areas.Fotofab’s has non-traditional process of Photochemical Machining uses an acidic solution to cut metal parts from sheets of metal.  Fotofab has stopped using Trichloroethane and Methylene Chloride which are dangerous and harmful to the environment.  Instead, they have developed a process using aqueous solutions which contain Ferric Chloride, a chemical that is safe enough to be used by water treatment plants to clean drinking water.Hazardous waste is also eliminated in the water and air released from the plant.  “All wastewater is thoroughly cleaned until it is actually cleaner than it was before coming into the building,” says CEO Dan Brumlik. Similarly, rather than using air conditioning which could release airborne chemicals to the environment, air passes a waste treatment system which filters it before it is released into the environment.Fotofab reduces scrap with its extensive recycling program.  Chemicals, metal, and paper products are reused or recycled.  Cloth rags are used instead of paper towels whenever possible.  Customers are even encouraged to return used packaging materials so that they can be used again.As president Jamie Howton says, “Taking care of the environment has always been a priority for Fotofab and we look forward and we look forward to making even more progress in  this area the future.”For more information on Fotofab’s precision parts fabricating capabilities and to review Fotofab’s Design Guide:
About Fotofab

Founded in 1967, Fotofab continues to refine the photochemical machining process, (also known as chemical etching or milling) to produce custom precision metal parts in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.  A veteran supplier to the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronic, telecommunications, and medical manufacturing industries, Fotofab is among the leading suppliers of precision metal parts including RF/EMI shields, electrical contacts, screens, connector housings, and more. Fotofab is ISO 9001:2000 certified.


Press contact:
Alison Anzalone
Phone: 773-463-6211

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