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European Antennas Press Release - 12/9/2008

 Active Maritime Antenna for Thuraya Satellite Phones

European Antennas Ltd's Active Maritime AntennaEuropean Antennas Ltd Announces the Release of its Active Maritime Antenna
for Use with the Current Range of Thuraya Satellite Phones

Please click here to visit the European Antennas website.SatCom Global has been appointed as the worldwide distributor for this Active Maritime antenna.

Using their global network of offices and service providers, they will supply a complete installation kit including antennas, 22 metre GPS and satellite cables, Bias Tee and mounting bracket for interface with Thuraya Fixed Docking Unit FDU3500 and other Thuraya systems.

The Active Maritime antenna has been designed for ultra-low angle coverage to enhance performance when being used on the edge of the Thuraya footprint.  Working with RF design house ERA Technology, European Antennas has designed an electronics module that, through blanking circuitry, consumes less than 10W of average power during transmissions and only 2W in standby mode.   This provides longer battery life and low power consumption, a benefit for vessels that have limited power supplies.

The antenna’s radome is an injection-moulded, UV stable, rugged thermoplastic that when combined with a stainless steel base makes a robust design that will withstand harsh marine environments to provide a long and reliable operating life.

About European Antennas
European Antennas has been designing and manufacturing L-Band satellite antennas for more than 15 years. The company has designed many antennas for use with Inmarsat and Thuraya systems, including high gain flat panel antennas for use with the new ThurayaIP modem. European Antennas is part of Cobham plc, a British FTSE100 company in the defence, communications and aerospace industry.

About the Active Maritime Antenna
This antenna is ideal for use on yachts, motorboats, motor cruisers, fishing boats and other vessels to provide reliable satellite communications.  The antenna can be connected to the Thuraya Docking Station or Thuraya DSL for communication whenever, and wherever, the vessel is at sea.   The antenna has 2dBiC gain, 360 degree azimuth and 180 degree elevation beamwidth, VSWR of 1.5:1 and system G/T of -24 dB/K worst case anywhere more than 5 degrees above the horizon.
The long length 22 metre cables enable the antenna to be located externally, remote from the handset docking station, for the safety of the user, and for optimum view of the entire sky in order to guarantee communication between the satellite and vessel wherever it may be under the footprint.
About SatCom Global

SatCom Global is a world leader in the provision of satellite communication equipment and airtime.  They are appointed by Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and VSAT to provide satellite communication services worldwide.  With offices throughout the globe and a strong international network of service providers and dealers, they are able to supply products and services covering all five continents.

Pamela Cornell
Publicity Manager
European Antennas Ltd
Lambda House, Cheveley
Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 9RG, UK
DD +44 (0)1638 732152
Fax +44 (0)1638 731999
European Antennas Ltd is part of Cobham Defence Systems

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