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Elektrobit Corporation (EB) Press Release 8-15-2008

 EB Masters Radio Channel Behavior from 1 MHz to 6 GHz

August 15th, 2008


Free for publication on August 15, 2008, at 9 am. (CEST+1)
EB, specialized in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for the wireless and automotive industries, extends its radio channel testing solutions to cover the HF frequency area, thus supporting testing of applications from 1MHz up to 6GHz.

With 20 years of experience and solid expertise in specialized radio channel testing solutions for wireless applications, EB has truly proved to master the radio channel. Today, EB's offering enables air interface testing from wireless cellular technologies to demanding defense and aerospace solutions.

'The beginning of the success story of the EB Propsim channel emulator products was in defense applications in the 90's. Today, we have further expanded our offering to this specific customer segment by adding support for radio channel emulation in the HF frequency area to EB Propsim FE,' says Dr. Hannu Hakalahti, Senior Vice President of EB. 'We are proud to use our accumulated expertise of the radio channel phenomena and serve our customers in the most demanding applications.'

EB Propsim FE is the only professional test solution on the market for radio channel emulation in the 1-30 MHz frequency area, enabling realistic and repeatable fading and interference test conditions for physical layer testing in the laboratory. It is a scalable and modular test solution that can be easily tailored to meet different testing needs. The new HF option is aligned with this strategy; either the HF or RF (25 to 2705 MHz) frequency range can be selected for each of 1 to 4 channels.

The air interface testing challenges in the HF frequency area include emulation of phenomena such as long delays and effects caused by the ionosphere. EB Propsim FE is delivered with the standard HF channel models defined by ITU-R. The easy to use graphical user interface enables the creation and edition of channel models. In addition, models can be imported from third party software.

EB is the global technology leader in test tools for measuring, modeling and emulating the radio channel environments of emerging and future generations of wireless technologies.


Ms. Johanna Hugg
Product Manager
EB Wireless Communications Tools
Tel. +358 40 344 3394

EB, Elektrobit Corporation
EB creates advanced technology and turns it into enriching end-user experiences. EB is specialized in demanding embedded software and hardware solutions for the wireless and automotive industries. Net sales for 2007 totaled MEUR 144.3. Elektrobit Corporation is listed on OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki.

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