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Azimuth Systems - Press Release 3-31-2008

 Azimuth Systems 802.11N Certification Test Suite Used by Leading Vendors to Streamline the Product Pre-Certification Process

AzCert Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite Implements Full Automation
of the Wi-Fi Alliance® 802.11n Draft 2.0 Test Plan

ACTON, MA – March 31, 2008 – Azimuth Systems Inc., the leading provider of Wi-Fi engineering test equipment, today announced that the company’s AzCert Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite is being successfully used by a number of industry-leading vendors, including Marvell® and Ralink, to pre-test 802.11n draft 2.0 products and streamline the certification process. The AzCert Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite is a fully automated implementation of the Wi-Fi Alliance® 802.11n draft 2.0 certification test plan which includes test tools that enable users to significantly reduce test time and costs by completing pre-certification testing in just hours, rather than days or even weeks.

“As a key player in the definition and development of the 802.11n standard, the growing demand for 802.11n-based products provides an exciting opportunity for Marvell,” said Abuzar Saeed, director of software quality assurance, Emerging and Embedded Business Unit, Consumer and Communications Business Group at Marvell. “We rely heavily on Azimuth’s 802.11n Certification Test Suite to help us optimize product performance and improve time-to-market for our Wi-Fi solutions targeted at the digital home, PCs, and embedded wireless devices.”

The advanced automation script included in the AzCert Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite integrates into the standard Wi-Fi Alliance test setup and runs on the WFA-defined over the air configuration. All tests are controlled and configured by DIRECTOR™ II, Azimuth’s second-generation test executive software that provides a central command point for managing tests, collecting data and analyzing results. This allows the entire series of over 100 test cases to be run together using the full configuration, or incrementally using a partial configuration. Additionally, the results of each test can be saved until all tests are complete – allowing users to retest only the portions that previously failed.

“The use of the AzCert Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite has been critical to the development of our MIMObility 802.11n draft 2.0 compliant chipsets, enabling us to bring higher quality solutions to market quickly,” said Rick Jeng, president of Ralink Technology. “With headquarters in Taiwan and an R&D center in California, we have also been able to greatly maximize our test efficiency by automating all aspects of pre-certification testing, including the ability to run nightly regression tests and reliably duplicate test results at multiple locations.”

In addition to automating the time-consuming tasks of configuring test bed devices, wireless sniffer and security servers, the AzCert Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite also starts and runs tests automatically, as well as analyzes and interprets the results to determine if the test meets Wi-Fi Alliance pass/fail criteria. This reduces the operator involvement and automates the complex task of learning, interpreting and running the procedure manually.

“The AzCert Wi-Fi 802.11n Certification Test Suite helps our customers to pre-certify their products in a manner that mirrors the Wi-Fi Alliance test process, in order to guarantee that they will meet the stringent Wi-Fi Alliance Certification requirements before submitting to an authorized test lab for final testing,” said Graham Celine, senior director of marketing at Azimuth Systems. “The ability to do this pre-certification testing in a fully automated environment also saves time, resources and money.”

About Azimuth Systems
Azimuth Systems is a leading provider of wireless data communications test solutions. Azimuth’s products are used by the world’s foremost wireless semiconductor, system vendors and service providers to speed time-to-market and improve wireless product quality. Azimuth’s standardized test solutions enable research, development, QA and marketing engineers to test the performance, conformance and certification of wireless devices and networks supporting data, voice and video applications. The company is based in Acton, Massachusetts and is backed by prestigious investors including Kodiak Venture Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. Azimuth may be contacted at (978) 263-6610 or at

Azimuth® is a registered trademark of Azimuth Systems and DIRECTOR™ is a trademark of Azimuth Systems. Wi-Fi Alliance® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Marvell® is a registered trademark of Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
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For additional information, contact:

Graham Celine
Azimuth Systems, Inc.
graham_celine@azimuthsystems.comJill Colna
SVM Public Relations

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