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RFMW's YouForm™ High quality, low cost jacketed hand formable cables featuring stainless steel SMA plugs on each end

100% VSWR tested 1.35:1 at 18 GHz and available in 2 diameters .085 (.102(OD) and
.141 (.161(OD).

COTS Applications include RF&MW rack mounted systems, radar, base stations, module to module links and communications systems.

Lengths from 3 inch to 18 inch in stock for one low price $9.95 each (minimum 10 cables). Longer lengths available at a slightly higher price.

YouForm™ cables are manufactured by P1dB, established in 2004. Our cable assemblies and connectors are engineered at P1dB by alumni of companies such as Omni Spectra, M/A-Com, and Amphenol.

To order or for more information call RFMW Ltd. exclusive supplier for P1dB 408-414-1450.
P1dB, Inc.
Marketed and Distributed by RFMW Ltd
1 877 FOR RFMW (367 7369)
1 408 414 1450

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