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Engineering Poll Archive - 2013

Polls have been running intermittently on RF Cafe since 2003. In August of 2006, an interactive, java-based poll was added to the homepage that allows voting on a subject unrelated to the one in the Forums - those are the ones shown below with the white background. While the homepage polls are terminated once removed from the page, the Forum polls (gray background) are open for voting forever. Polls were begun again in March of 2015; we'll see how it goes.


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RF Cafe Poll
Started July 8, 2013

Engineering Poll beginning 7/8/2013 "Have you had a pay raise in the last year?" - RF CafePlease take a moment and vote in this poll. No sign-in-required. Results are displayed automatically. Thanks! See current.

Poll: "Are you willing to give up privacy (Internet, phone, cameras, etc.) for increased security?" - RF Cafe
106 votes so far.
(voting ended 6/18/2013)
Engineering Poll beginning 6/18/2013 "Are you a licensed amateur radio operator?" - RF Cafe
122 votes so far.
(voting ended 6/26/2013)
Engineering Poll beginning 6/26/2013 "Is your manager / supervisor male or female?" - RF Cafe

(voting ended 7/8/2013)
Poll "Are You Employed Full-Time?" - RF Cafe
Poll Results: "Are You Employed Full-Time?" - RF Cafe
(voting ended 5/15/2013)
Poll: "Will you attend IMS2013 (MTT-S) in Seattle?" - RF Cafe
Poll Results: "Will you attend IMS2013 (MTT-S) in Seattle?" - RF Cafe
(voting ended 5/22/2013)
Engineering Poll beginning 5/22/2013 "Do you work overtime most days?" - RF Cafe
Engineering Poll Results 5/22/2013 "Do you work overtime most days?" - RF Cafe
(voting ended 6/3/2013)
Engineering Poll beginning 6/3/2013 "Do you have sufficient access to resources for performing your job?" - RF Cafe
(voting ended 6/11/2013)

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