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Thursday 15

BAE Systems to Upgrade Australia's Long-Range Radar Network

BAE Systems Australia to Upgrade Australia's Long-Range Radar Network - RF Cafe"BAE Systems Australia today welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne and the Minister for Defence Industry, the Hon Christopher Pyne that the Company has been selected to upgrade Australia's long-range high frequency radar network. The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) protects Australia's coastal approaches through a network of three remote radars in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The radars play a vital role in supporting the Australian Defence Force's air and maritime ..."

ViaSat-2 Satellite Comms Services Now Available for Military

ViaSat-2 Satellite Communications Services Now Available for Military - RF Cafe"Viasat has announced the availability of the ViaSat-2 satellite communications (SATCOM) service for government, defense and military applications. The service leverages the most advanced communications satellite, ViaSat-2, along with innovations in ground networking technologies, that will deliver significant performance advantages over any other commercial or U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) SATCOM system. In early March 2018, Viasat conducted a ViaSat-2 SATCOM system demonstration ..."

Mac's Service Shop: Keeping Abreast of Your Field

Mac's Service Shop: Keeping Abreast of Your Field, April 1969 Electronics World - RF CafeMac and Barney discuss with some degree of trepidation the alarmingly increasing rate at which new electronics technology is being developed and marketed. As service shop owner and technician, respectively, they needed to constantly educate themselves on new components and circuits in order to stay current and be efficient enough to turn a profit. Mac recounts his lengthy background beginning with the days of mainly battery-powered AM radios, and progressing through AC-DC, FM and all-band (shortwave) radio, B&W television and the color TV, CB radios, and a new breed of appliances with electronic controls ...

FCC Accuses Startup of Launching Rogue "SpaceBee" Satellites

FCC Accuses Startup of Launching Rogue SpaceBee Satellites - RF Cafe"The U.S. communications agency says tiny Internet of Things satellites from Swarm Technologies could endanger other spacecraft. On 12 January, a Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket blasted off from India's eastern coast. While its primary cargo was a large Indian mapping satellite, dozens of secondary CubeSats from other countries traveled along with it. Seattle-based Planetary Resources supplied a spacecraft that will test prospecting tools for future asteroid miners ..."

IPP-7148: New 90° SMD Coupler for 690-6000 MHz

IPP-7148: New 90° SMD Coupler for 690-6000 MHz - RF CafeInnovative Power Products introduces their latest 90° SMD Coupler that operates over the full 690 – 6000 MHz. band. Our new Model IPP-7148, handles 130 watts CW and comes in a small SMD Style package which is only 0.50 x 1.00 x 0.167 inches. The IPP-7148 will combine two signals up to 130 Watts CW of total output power. This coupler has very good amplitude balance across the whole band and insertion loss of <0.80 dB. The VSWR is less than 1.35:1 with greater than 16.5 dB of Isolation making them ideal for commercial, industrial or military ...

Chinese Lunar-Orbit Amateur Radio Payload Could Launch This Spring

Chinese Lunar-Orbit Amateur Radio Payload Could Launch This Spring - RF Cafe"China's twin-launch Chang'e 4 mission to the far side of the moon will place a pair of microsatellites in lunar orbit this spring 'to test low-frequency radio astronomy and space-based interferometry.' The two satellites, unofficially called DSLWP-A1 and DSLWP-A2 (DSLWP = Discovering the Sky at Longest Wavelengths Pathfinder), could launch this spring. The pair represent the first phase of the Chang'e 4 mission, which involves placing a relay satellite in a halo orbit to facilitate communication with the Chang'e 4 lander and rover ..."

Wednesday 14

Large Single-Crystal Graphene Could Advance Scalable 2-D Materials

Growing Large Single-Crystal Graphene Could Advance Scalable 2-D Materials - RF Cafe"A new method to produce large, monolayer single-crystal-like graphene films more than a foot long relies on harnessing a 'survival of the fittest' competition among crystals. The novel technique, developed by a team led by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, may open new opportunities for growing the high-quality two-dimensional materials necessary for long-awaited practical applications. Making thin layers of graphene and other 2D materials on a scale required for research ..."

Light-Sensitive Photodiodes

Light-Sensitive Photodiodes, July 1969 Electronics World - RF CafePhotodiodes and phototransistors were relatively new on the electronics scene in 1969 when this article appeared in Electronics World magazine. Prior to semiconductor light detectors, vacuum phototubes did the job in cameras, motion sensors, light level detectors, medical imaging equipment, etc. High voltages and the large volume for containing components supporting vacuum tubes created hazards (especially with medical equipment), inconvenience, and high cost. What we take for granted nowadays in terms of price, performance ...

Magnetic Cooling of Nanoelectronic Chips

Magnetic Cooling of Nanoelectronic Chips - RF Cafe"Temperatures below 3 millikelvin can be maintained for seven hours. High-tech refrigerators have been used to reach temperatures as close to absolute zero as possible - 0 kelvin or −273.15 °C. Physicists aim to cool equipment to as close to absolute zero as possible, because these extremely low temperatures offer the ideal conditions for quantum experiments, and allow entirely new physical phenomena to be examined. A nanoelectronic chip was successfully cooled to a temperature lower than 3 millikelvin using ..."

Rohde & Schwarz Offers Free Charts and Pocket Guides

Rohde & Schwarz Offers Free Charts and Pocket Guides - RF CafeRohde & Schwarz is offering at no cost a variety of reference charts (posters) for hanging on your lab or office wall, and some handy-dandy Pocket Guides. In the current age of (seemingly) paperless offices and laboratories, opening a cardboard package from R&S containing the pictured items caused me to wax nostalgic over the days when sales reps handed out such materials during workplace meetings and at trade shows. Wall charts are still fairly easily obtained, but the spiral-bound pocket guides are more rare. Maybe soon we'll be seeing the resurrection of cardboard slide rule calculators ...

Triad RF Systems Intros 1400 - 160 MHz, 50 W Linear Power Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros 1400 - 160 MHz, 50 W Linear Power Amplifier - RF CafeTriad RF Systems announces the TA1014 is a lightweight and high power linear power amplifier that works from 1400-1600 MHz. The TA1014 is compatible with high data rate signals such as 4k video, making it ideal for mobile sports broadcast applications, as well as anywhere that high power and portability are key. This amplifier also boasts an impressive 40 watts of output power for its small size. This class AB GaN module is designed for both military and commercial applications. It is capable of ...

On-Chip Inductors Get Smaller with Graphene and Electron Momentum

On-Chip Inductors Get Smaller with Graphene and Electron Momentum - RF Cafe"U.S. researchers have made on-chip inductors smaller by adding 'kinetic inductance' to conventional magnetic inductance. The work cuts the size of 10-50 GHz inductors by a third. Kinetic inductance arises from the physical momentum of charge carriers resisting the change in current direction associated with a change in electric field, according to the team, from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Any kinetic inductance created appears in series with the conventional magnetic inductance of the inductors ..."

Tuesday 13

Many Thanks to Axiom Test Equipment for Continued Support!

Axiom Test Equipment - RF CafeAxiom Test Equipment allows you to rent or buy test equipment, repair test equipment, or sell or trade Axiom Test Equipmenttest equipment. They are committed to providing superior customer service and high quality electronic test equipment. Axiom offers customers several practical, efficient, and cost effective solutions for their projects' TE needs and is committed to providing superior customer service and high quality electronic test equipment. Please check out Axiom Test Equipment today! ...

Tools for the Electronic Hobbyist

Tools for the Electronic Hobbyist, March 1965 Popular Electronics - RF CafeAlthough the article's title specifies "electronic hobbyist," the advice applies equally well to students and professional technicians and engineers. A few of the tools are no longer available from the original manufacturers, but modern equivalents - often of better design and quality - are available. If you are nostalgic for the originals, though, you can always look for them on eBay; there's not much you cannot find there if you wait long enough. To show how much times have changed, get a load of (pun intended) that pistol-shaped soldering gun. Can you imagine the mayhem that would ensue if it ...

Firms Need Engineers, But Resist Paying More to Get Them

Firms Need Engineers, But Resist Paying More to Get Them - RF Cafe"It's probably no surprise that the job outlook for engineers is positive. In a January Bureau of Labor Statistics report, employment in the electrical and electronics space is expected to grow seven percent by the year 2026. To capitalize on the country's economic growth, organizations are expanding and looking for more workers to fill traditional roles in addition to new and emerging positions. As such, the engineering market is experiencing a lower unemployment rate compared to the national average, with tens of thousands of jobs expected to ..."

RFOptic's Online Link Gain Calculator

RFOptic's Online Link Gain Calculator - RF CafeThe Link Gain Calculator is RFOptic's helpful online tool to calculate the link gain and the optical predicted parameters for RFOptic's RFoF programmable product line. It is designed for the programmable RFoF family - 2.5 GHz, 3 GHz, 4 GHz and 6 GHz. It is designed for the users of programmable RFoF family solutions in order to determine how the embedded LNA and attenuator should be set up to meet their required RFoF link budget. They also have a useful Radar Testing Directory with webinars, white papers, tutorials, and more ...

Electric Motorcycles May Finally Be Making the Turn

Electric Motorcycles May Finally Be Making the Turn - RF Cafe"For most of the world a motorcycle or a scooter is a basic means of transportation. Cheap to purchase and operate, and easy to park on crowded city streets, commuting on two wheels is a way of life. This is especially in emerging markets where a motorcycle or scooter is an attractive alternative to a bicycle, a public bus, or walking. In the 1950s and 1960s in the U.S., motorcycles had a utilitarian purpose too, but somehow, during the 1980s and 1990s, motorcycles, and in particular U.S.-built Harley Davidson motorcycles, became lifestyle ..."

Monday 12

3D Printing Breakthrough Has Stretchable Electronics Potential

3D Printing Breakthrough Has Potential in Stretchable Electronics - RF Cafe"According to researchers at Oregon State University's College of Engineering, vertical structures are difficult to print with a liquid metal due to the low viscosity and high surface tension of the gallium alloy. The team in the college's Collaborative Robotics and Intelligent Systems Institute put nickel nanoparticles into galinstan, a liquid metal alloy, to thicken it into a paste with a consistency suitable for additive manufacturing. According to the team, the resulting rheological modification of the liquid metal ..."

All-Silicon Active Antennas for High Performance 5G/SATCOM Terminals

All-Silicon Active Antennas for High Performance 5G/SATCOM Terminals - RF CafeDavid Corman, of Anokiwave, has a good article on silicon phased array antennas. This concept, using printed arrays, is gaining popularity for providing steerable beams in WiFi hotspots, Bluetooth, small cells, etc., where a dense communications environment generates too much ambient signal presence for long enough range. Now, implementation in silicon for mm-wave antenna arrays is being investigated. "Using active antennas allows highly-directive antenna beams to be formed by physically-small apertures, which helps offset the higher path loss associated ...

Daylight Saving Time vs. Standard Time

Daylight Saving Time vs. Standard Time - RF CafeTo be or not to be - that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous bi-annual clock shifts, or to take up arms against a sea of contradicting justifications for and against the existence of DST, and by opposing, end it. Twice each year, a majority of the western world is subject to a manmade disruption in circadian and habitual cycles with an inane one-hour clock change on and off of "Daylight Saving(s) Time" (DST). Some historians claim that Benjamin Franklin joked about DST in the 18th century, but it was New Zealander George Hudson who proposed the modern day clock ...

Many Thanks to Bittele Electronics for Continued Support!

Bittele Electronics PCB Fabrication - RF CafeSince 2003, Bittele Electronics has consistently provided low-volume, electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) and turnkey PCB assembly services. It specializes in board level turnkey PCB assembly for design engineers needing low volume or prototype multi-layer printed circuit boards. Free Passive Components: Bittele Electronics is taking one further step in its commitment of offering the best service to clients of its PCB assembly business. Bittele is now offering common passive components to its clients FREE of Charge ...

Axiom Test Equipment Early March Specials

Axiom Test Equipment Early March Specials - RF CafeAt Axiom Test Equipment we provide high-quality services and affordable solutions such as test equipment rental, test equipment sales, and test equipment repair. These examples of test equipment specials are a very small sample of our extensive stock available for rental or for purchase. Axiom can also perform repair and calibration of your gear. Contact us today with your needs ...

Maxwell's Demon in Quantum Zeno Regime

Maxwell's Demon in Quantum Zeno Regime - RF Cafe"In the original Maxwell's demon thought experiment, a demon makes continuous measurements on a system of hot and cold reservoirs, building up a thermal gradient that can later be used to perform work. As the demon's measurements do not consume energy, it appears that the demon violates the second law of thermodynamics, although this paradox can be resolved by considering that the demon uses information to perform its sorting tasks. It's well-known that when a quantum system is continuously ..."

Sunday 11

RF Cafe Engineering & Science Crossword for Puzzle March 11

RF Cafe Engineering & Science Crossword for Puzzle March 11, 2018For the sake of all the avid cruciverbalists amongst us, each week I create a new technology-themed crossword puzzle using only words from my custom-created lexicon related to engineering, science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. You will never find among the words names of politicians, mountain ranges, exotic foods or plants, movie stars, or anything of the sort. You might, however, see someone or something in the exclusion list who or that is directly related to this puzzle's theme, such as Hedy Lamar or the Bikini Atoll, respectively ...

Friday 9

100 Years Later, the Madness of Daylight Saving Time Endures

100 Years Later, the Madness of Daylight Saving Time Endures - RF Cafe"The original arguments Congress made for 'springing ahead' have been thoroughly debunked. So why are they still being used today? One hundred years after Congress passed the first daylight saving legislation, lawmakers in Florida this week passed the 'Sunshine Protection Act,' which will make daylight saving a year-round reality in the Sunshine State. If approved by the federal government, this will effectively move Florida's residents one time zone to the east, aligning cities ..."

IEEE COMSOC 4 Day Intensive Wireless Communications Course

IEEE COMSOC 4 Day Intensive Wireless Communications Course - RF CafeIEEE COMSOC is conducting a 4 day, intermediate level Intensive Wireless Communications Course covering 7 key areas. Tuesday, April 10th through Friday, April 13th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm EDT. Attend this 20-hour course online via WebEx. Instructor Alan Bensky will cover basic radio engineering fundamentals, propagation, smart antennas, beam forming, radio receiver characteristics, multiple access technologies, cellular network architecture and evolution through LTE and LTE, Wi-Fi security in GSM through LTE and more ...

Vanadium Dioxide Enables III-Nitride Phase-Transition FET

Vanadium Dioxide Enables III-Nitride Phase-Transition FET - RF Cafe"Cornell University has demonstrated a GaN phase-transition FET based on loading a metal-oxide-semiconductor high-electron-mobility transistor (MOS-HEMT) with a vanadium dioxide (VO2) resistor. The combination enabled very low leakage along with sub-thermionic subthreshold steep-switching behavior. The researchers comment: 'This first demonstration of ultralow-leakage steep switching in GaN phase-FETs using integration-friendly ALD VO2 opens the door ..."

Electromaze Puzzle

Electromaze Puzzle, April 1966 Popular Electronics - RF CafeRobert Radford's (not to be confused with Robert Redford) "Electromaze" is a unique - and weird - sort of word puzzle that appeared in the April 1966 issue of Popular Electronics magazine. You will probably want to print out the maze grid and find an old guy who should still have a pencil stowed away somewhere you can borrow to use for filling in the boxes. Note that in my opinion the answer given for clue number 2 is technically wrong. What say you? ...

R&S Intros Bench Power Supply with Unique Features for Its Class

Rohde & Schwarz Intros Bench Power Supply with Unique Features for Its Class - RF CafeThe New Rohde & Schwarz NGE100 is a robust and affordable high-performance power supply. 2 or 3 Channels, 33.6 W each. 0 V to 32 V and 0 A to 3 A per channel. Max 96 V or 9 A in parallel / serial operation. Electronic fuse, overvoltage, overpower and over-temperature protection. USB and optional LAN or W-LAN interface. Starting at $805. The R&S®NGE100 has high efficiency combined with low ripple and a variety of functions that are usually not found in this class of power supplies. All operating conditions of all channels are ...

Wi-Fi Testing: More Than Compliance

Wi-Fi Testing: More Than Compliance - RF CafeMartin Rowe, over at EDN, has been "Mr. Test & Measurement." I knight him with that title based on his many years writing for the long-ago absorbed trade magazine Test & Measurement World. Mention of this article was motivated by the photo of the small anechoic measurement enclosure by octoScope. Note that it is not a TEM cell, which is characterized by its tetrahedral shape and accommodates a wide range of frequencies. octoBox is a special purpose, limited range test environment. As with so many things these days, you can outfit just about any T&M setup with mostly prefabricated components ...

LIDAR System Faster Than Speeding Bullet

LIDAR System Faster Than Speeding Bullet - RF Cafe"A new laser system that can make precise measurements of distance at record-breaking speed has been unveiled by researchers at Germany's Karlsuhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland. Made using optical frequency combs, the system can measure the surface profile of a speeding bullet. Modern technologies such as aerial drones, observation satellites, self-driving cars and manufacturing robots need to make rapid, highly-accurate measurements of distances to ..."

Thursday 8

Design Innovations in 5G mm-Wave FEMs and Phased Arrays

Design Innovations in 5G mm-Wave FEMs and Phased Arrays - RF CafeMicrowave Journal's Technical Education Webinar Series is presenting "Design Innovations in 5G mm-Wave FEMs and Phased Arrays." Date: March 14, 2018, Time: 11am ET. Sponsored by: GlobalFoundries. "5G is the new generation of radio systems and network architecture. It will deliver faster data rates, lower latency connectivity and higher bandwidths in the millimeter wave (mm-Wave) bands (28, 39, 60, 86 GHz, …) to support many different applications including: 5G handsets, wireless infrastructure, WiGig, ADAS, small cells and LEO/GEO broadband ..."

The Sarasota Mystery First Follow-Up

The Sarasota Mystery First Follow-Up - RF CafeThe initial part of this article, The Sarasota Mystery, appeared in the previous issue (March). Mr. Minto is still scratching his head over hydronic communications ...

The Sarasota Mystery

The Sarasota Mystery, April 1966 Popular Electronics - RF CafeAfter reading both this article and "The Sarasota Mystery First Follow-Up" article in the April 1966 issue of Popular Electronics, I'm convinced that the inventor Wallace Minto either did not understand the phenomenon he describes, or he's out to punk the reader. If this initial article had been printed in the April issue rather than March, it almost certainly would have to have been a Fool's scam. Minto believes he has discovered a new form of electromagnetic propagation that exploits molecular / atomic properties of water to transmit the signal - without attenuation and without picking up noise. If it ...

The Real Meaning of Short-Range Wireless

The Real Meaning of Short-Range Wireless - RF Cafe"Here's what I'd like to know: Is short-range wireless really radio? Most of the wireless standards we use daily are considered short-range technologies. The question is, just what is short range? For standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, and others, it ranges from a few feet up to 100 meters or so. The range varies widely with frequency, power level, antennas, as well as many environmental conditions. These are radio technologies. Then there are some wireless tech that have a very short range. Short ..."

ConductRF Cable Assemblies Semi-Flexible Alternative to Semi-Rigid

ConductRF FPA Cable Assemblies Semi-Flexible Alternative to Semi-Rigid - RF CafeConductRF's FPA RF Cable Assemblies provide a cost effective high performance solution for applications typically supported by Semi-Rigid or high cost flexible precision cables. Multi-layer shielded cable provides both flexibility and form-ability by combining a flexible spiral foil over which is a tin plated copper braid which can be formed. This create a half-way situation, but with added benefits of lower costs, improved performance and enhanced shielding. Flexible Low Loss RF cables with direct solder connectors. Custom marking available on ...

DOD Looks to Share More Spectrum

DOD Looks to Share More Spectrum - RF Cafe"The government announced plans to study the possibility of sharing or clearing a 100 megahertz swath of spectrum for high-speed mobile broadband. David Redl, administrator of the National Telecommunications and Industry Administration, said in a Feb. 26 blog post that 100 MHz in the 3450-3550 MHz band, used by the Department of Defense for military radar, could be a key asset in expanding the U.S. broadband spectrum inventory. Under the Spectrum Pipeline Act, passed in 2015 with the budget bill, agencies can ..."

Wednesday 7

Moon to Get Its Own 4G Network

Moon to Get Its Own 4G Network - RF Cafe"In one of the most challenging technical build ups ever, Vodafone is planning to create the first 4G network on the Moon. In a bid to support a mission by German company, PTScientists in 2019, the telecom giant has selected Nokia as its technology partner. Berlin-based PTScientists is working with Vodafone Germany and Audi to achieve the first privately-funded Moon landing which is due to launch in 2019 from Cape Canaveral on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Vodafone's network expertise will be used ..."

Anatech Electronics Newsletter - OTA TV

Anatech Electronics Newsletter OTA TV - RF CafeAnatech Electronics, a manufacturer of RF and microwave filters, has published its February newsletter. In it, Sam Benzacar writes in "Over-the-Air Broadcast TV 2.0" the resurgence in popularity of OTA broadcasting for local television stations. There is a similar growth in OTA radio broadcasting as well. People's personal communications financial resources are being stretched to the point of breaking. When you add up a cellphone family plan, cable television, Internet service, and in some cases a telephone landline, monthly bills can easily add up to $400... which is nearly $5k per ...

Predicted Radio Receiving Conditions

Predicted Radio Receiving Conditions, March 1965 Popular Electronics - RF CafeThe sunspot cycle in 1965 was at the same point as it is today - at a minimum (see chart) - so this article is back in style. Sunspots affect HF radio wave propagation in the Earth's ionosphere by generating greater UV and x-ray radiation that affects the conductivity of the ionosphere's D, E, and F layers. Although sunspots are cooler areas on the sun's surface, bordering them are plages, which are actually brighter and emit higher levels of charged particles (plasma) that also affect conductivity of the ionosphere's upper layers. Sunspots improve long distance comms on some bands. A sunspot is distinctly different from a coronal mass ...

These Tools Can Help You Defeat RF Interference

These Tools Can Help You Defeat RF Interference - RF CafeBy Chris DeMartino. "While wireless communication has become a part of everyday life, RF interference remains a headache. This article examines how interference can be detected using today's test-and-measurement equipment. The explosion of wireless technology means that RF signals are literally everywhere. And that mass congestion of RF exacerbates the problem of RF interference. And with more and more wireless devices permeating our lives, the possibility clearly exists for interference to affect the performance and reliability of the wireless technology ..."

Many Thanks to MECA Electronics for Their Long-Time Support!

MECA ElectronicsSince 1961, MECA Electronics manufactures an extensive line of RF & microwave components for in-building, satellite, radar, radio, telemetry, mobile radio, aviation & ATC. Attenuators, directional & hybrid couplers, isolators & circulators, power MECA Electronics V-Line componentsdividers & combiners, loads, DC blocks, bias-Ts and adapters & cables. MECA has long been the 'backbone' of high performance wired and air-interfaced networks. Please visit MECA today to learn how they can help with your projects ...

Dual Frequency Comb Generated on Single Chip

Dual Frequency Comb Generated on Single Chip - RF Cafe"Engineers have miniaturized dual-frequency combs by putting two frequency comb generators on a single millimeter-sized silicon-based chip. This could lead to low-cost, portable sensing and spectroscopy in the field in real-time. In a new paper published today in Science Advances, researchers under the direction of Columbia Engineering Professors Michal Lipson and Alexander Gaeta have miniaturized dual-frequency combs by putting two frequency comb generators on a single millimeter-sized chip. 'This is the first time a dual comb has been ..."

Tuesday 6

EDI CON USA 2018 Announces Technical Program Chairs

EDI CON USA 2018 Announces Technical Program Chairs - RF CafeElectronic Design Innovation Conference and Exhibition USA (EDI CON USA), the industry event that brings together RF/microwave and high-speed digital design engineers and system integrators, is happy to announce its technical program co-chairs for the 2018 USA event. Jin Bains, Head of Connectivity, SCL, at Facebook and Ransom Stephens, PhD, Author, Technologist, and Physicist, have agreed to help steer the direction of this year's conference. Bains is an expert in RF/microwave industry, and Stephens is expert in high-speed ...

Confused About S-Units?

Confused About S-Units?, April 1966 Popular Electronics - RF CafeS−units are probably not familiar at all to non-Hams since they refer to receiver signal levels (the "S" stands for "signal"). It is a relative unit of measure rather than absolute. Technically, the dBm unit of power is also a relative unit, but it is referenced to a fixed power level of 1 milliwatt - traceable back to primary standards at NIST or any other country's standards keeper. By contrast, the S-unit - at least originally - is relative to the strongest useable signal level at a particular receiver's input. An indication of S9 meant a maximum signal level was present at the input based in part on the receiver's ...

Lead RF Design Engineer Needed by Vimeo Livestream

Lead RF Design Engineer Needed by Vimeo Livestream - RF CafeVimeo is a leading online video platform with more than 240 million visitors per month. We recently launched Vimeo Live and acquired the Brooklyn-based company Livestream, the leading global provider of live video solutions. With the addition of Livestream's powerful technology, Vimeo offers the most complete video workflow on the market for businesses, organizations, and professional creators. As a Lead RF Design Engineer, you will focus on improving and optimizing wireless performance as well as architecting and designing future products in the suite for our recently launched ...

Apprenticeship Ignorance Driving Engineering Skills Gap

Apprenticeship Ignorance Driving Engineering Skills Gap - RF Cafe"A widespread lack of awareness over engineering apprenticeships is hampering UK industry's ability to attract and foster the next generation of engineering talent, according to Engineering UK's annual report: Engineering UK 2018: State of Engineering. Published ahead of Apprenticeship Week (5 - 9 March) the report claims that annual demand for people with 'core engineering' skills stands at 124,000 a year, with an additional 79,000 workers needed each year in 'related' roles - those that use engineering knowledge with ...

Do You Know What a Memristor Is?

Memristors - RF CafeAre you still not sure what a memristor is? This illustration, which appeared in the March 2018 issue of Discover magazine, does a great job of explaining. At the four corners are voltage, charge, flux, and current. Inside quadrants are resistor, capacitor, memristor, and inductor. You know the relationship between voltage and current for resistance, voltage and electric charge for capacitance, and current and magnetic flux for inductance. What's left is the relationship between charge and flux, which is memristance. Researchers are still trying to find out how to exploit the memristor - a resistor with a memory (~page 6) ...

Air Force Research Laboratory Origami EM Reflecting Surfaces

Air Force Research Laboratory Origami Electromagnetic Reflecting - RF Cafe"Origami, the art of paper folding, has captivated generations of audiences across the globe, as artists craft intricate, intriguing figures and objects by folding just a single sheet of paper. For scientists and engineers at the Air Force Research Laboratory, the prospect of using origami to create complex, multi-functional materials from a two-dimensional substrate is a highly attractive concept, with the potential to deliver engineering solutions and new applications for the Air Force. 'A decade or so ago, we started seeing some amazing origami, with ..."

Monday 5

Hmmm... I Wonder If Dilbert Is Mocking a Particular Company Here?

Dilbert Sunday March 3, 2018 - RF CafeScott Adams has struck again with yesterday's Dilbert comic strip. If you keep abreast of tech news, you'll probably be able to figure out which company's product Dilbert is alluding to. Here's a hint if you need it.

Software for mm-Wave Automotive Radar and Antenna Systems

Software for mm-Wave Automotive Radar and Antenna Systems - RF CafeBy Dr. Milton Lien and David Vye. "No question, automotive radar technology is reaching new heights. This article, part 2 of a two-part series, explains how the latest software can facilitate antenna design for the radar systems needed for next-generation cars and trucks. Ongoing developments in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are expanding the capabilities and affordability of vehicles that can alert and assist drivers using radar technology mostly focused over the 76-to-81 GHz spectrum. Part 1 provided an overview of ADAS ..."

Oscar III: Ham Radio's New 2-Meter Space Station

Oscar III: Ham Radio's New 2-Meter Space Station, March 1965 Popular Electronics - RF CafeThe first Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio (OSCAR I) was launched on December 12, 1961, and remained in orbit for 22 days before re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. Fast forward to March 1965 when OSCAR III was launched on the 9th of the month. That same month this story appeared in Popular Electronics. This time instead of merely broadcasting "Hi" in Morse Code, OSCAR III hosted an active relay translator along with a beacon signal. AMSAT is the governing body that coordinates and manages amateur satellite operations ...

Webinar: GaN Models for PA Design Success

Webinar: GaN Models for PA Design Success - RF CafeMicrowave Journal's Technical Education Webinar Series is presenting "GaN Models for PA Design Success." Date: March 13, 2018. Time: 11am ET. Sponsored by: Qorvo, Modelithics and Keysight Technologies. Abstract: This webinar will focus on model-based PA design methods, utilizing Keysight Advanced Design System simulation software along with state-of-the-art non-linear GaN models available from Modelithics for a range of Qorvo high-performance GaN-on-SiC power transistors. A systematic design flow will be exemplified for the case of a 160W Class AB GaN reference design ...

Thanks to Gowanda Electronics for Their Support

Thanks to Gowanda Electronics for Their Support - RF CafeMany thanks to Gowanda Electronics for being the first non-advertising company ever to send a donation for posting a press release. Only one non-advertising company has ever sent a donation for posting a job opening. To my recollection, that reaches all the way back to RF Cafe's beginning in 1999. I don't require any form of payment since RF Cafe is a service to both suppliers and users, but I have expenses, too - like living. Please be sure to thank advertisers, both private and 3rd-party, by using their products and services... and mention RF Cafe if you have a chance.

Lithium Battery Fire in Overhead Bin on China Airliner

Lithium Battery Fire in Overhead Bin on China Airliner - RF cafe"A fire broke out in the overhead storage of a Chinese passenger jet moments before it was scheduled to take off. Flight attendants and a passenger threw water and juice over a bag in the luggage compartment as it was engulfed in heavy smoke and flames. The fire was thought to have been triggered by a power bank that was being carried in the bag, reports said. The owner was taken away by police for questioning. Chinese airlines allow lithium batteries ..."

Sunday 4

Friday 2

HP Memory Project

HP Memory Project - RF CafeSteve M. brought to my attention the HP Memory Project website. This is one of largest and most well-organized collections on the accomplishments of Bill Hewlett and David Packard, beginning with the 200A audio oscillator and running through 2000, after which the test equipment business became Agilent Technologies (which still I consider a travesty and betrayal of loyal engineers, technicians, scientists, and students). Warning: Don't use the Search function because the resulting links bump you to stupid retail websites served by BizRate.

Triad RF Systems Intros 400 - 450 MHz CubeSat/NanoSat Base Station Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros 400 - 450 MHz CubeSat/NanoSat Base Station Amplifier - RF CafeTriad RF Systems announces the TA1181, which has been designed for use from 400 to 450 MHz, and is typically used in but not limited to CubeSat and NanoSat GCS (Ground Station) applications. This amplifier module has a maximum output power of 158 Watts and can be used with a multitude of waveforms, from GMSK/BPSK up to highly modulated signals such as 64QAM and 256QAM for higher data rate applications. This class AB LDMOS module is designed for both military and ...

International Wireless Communications Expo

International Wireless Communications Expo 2018 - RF CafeIntegrating Technology & Education. The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) will be taking place March 5-9, 2018, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. IWCE is a venue where people can make the human connections they need to be successful, whether it is connecting to a future client, boss, employee or business partner. It is also where people can connect to information ...

Electronics Moonlighters

Electronics Moonlighters, March 1966 Popular Electronics - RF CafeNote: The tax-related information presented in this 1966 Popular Electronics article is almost certainly outdated and invalid. My purpose for posting it is to provide some insight into potential tax advantages available to anyone engaging in a small business. The IRS provides multiple classifications for businesses, including the simplest, Sole Proprietor, where essentially you report your business gains and losses as part of your personal income tax filings. The next step up is a Limited Liability entity where some formal paperwork is filed to isolate personal liability from business liability. From there you ...

Get a Free 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer from Rhode & Schwarz

Get a Free 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer from Rhode & Schwarz - RF CafeFor a limited time, get a 3 GHz spectrum analyzer FREE with the purchase of any R&S®RTM3000 or R&S®RTA4000 that is 350 MHz or higher. Our new benchtop-class scopes offer the best of everything including unrivaled signal integrity with the cleanest signal and the lowest noise in the industry. The Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope + spectrum analyzer bundles offer you all the benefits of the wide range of applications and features of Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers at an unrivaled price ...

Physicists Beat Lorentz Reciprocity for Microwave Transmission

Physicists Beat Lorentz Reciprocity for Microwave Transmission - RF Cafe"Most devices for the transmission of electromagnetic signals obey Lorentz reciprocity, meaning that signals propagate freely in both directions through circuits. A microwave pulse, for example, can travel in either direction along a waveguide and a light signal can move both ways along an optical fibre. This two-way traffic can cause problems and current technologies for avoiding reciprocity tend to be large and unwieldy. But now physicists in the US have come up with a more practical solution. Lorentz reciprocity creates challenges for circuit ..."

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Mesmerizing Metasurface Manipulates Light

Mesmerizing Metasurface Manipulates Light - RF Cafe"Researchers from CIC nanoGUNE in Spain in collaboration with the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) along with Kansas State University have developed a real-world version of what theorists had dubbed a 'hyperbolic metasurface.' In these strange materials, light propagates with completely reshaped wavefronts than in typical surfaces, even other metasurfaces. The researchers believe that this new metasurface will enable greater control over light so that it can be used for creating increasingly ..."

everythingRF GSMA Mobile World Congress 2018 Coverage

everythingRF Mobile World Congress 2018 Coverage - RF CafeMr. Raghav Kapur, of the everything RF website, is providing on-the-scene-reporting of happenings at GSMA Mobile World Congress in Raghav Kapur, everythingRF - RF CafeBarcelona, Spain. "[MWC 2018] is the place where mobile leaders gather, collaborate and conduct business. The annual event provides one of the best venues for mobile industry networking, new business opportunities and deal-making. Mobile World Congress includes a world-class conference featuring visionary keynotes and thought-provoking panel discussions ..."

Parts Cost $$$ in Canada

Parts Cost $$$ in Canada, March 1965 Popular Electronics - RF CafeToday's ready availability of just about everything from just about everywhere is something even we who have been around a long time take for granted. Trade barriers have been drastically lowered or completely removed for products not vital to national security - unless of course enough money is paid to politicians to rule otherwise (e.g., uranium ore and ICBM stabilization systems). This letter to the editor of Popular Electronics appeared in a 1965 issue lamenting the severe price mark-up of common electronics components - in particular those mentioned for projects in the magazine. The currency exchange rate between the U.S. and Canada in 1965 was 1 CAD - Canada dollar ...

Saelig Crystal Oscillators with 4 Switchable Frequencies, Low Jitter

Saelig Launches New Crystal Oscillators with Four Switchable Frequencies and Low Jitter - RF CafeSaelig has introduced the Euroquartz QuikXO HC_JF series of switchable crystal oscillators that can provide four different preselected frequencies. These high performance clock oscillators are available in CMOS, CML, HCSL, LVPECL or LVDS versions, with the unique ability to switch between four different output frequencies. They have an integrated phase jitter performance of 150 fs maximum, making them particularly suitable for high frequency applications. The low cost QuikXO HC_JF series crystal oscillators are available with a choice of supply voltages (1.8, 2.5 or 3.3 V) across the most of the range ...

Webinar: Wideband Signal Generation and Analysis

Webinar: Wideband Signal Generation and Analysis - RF CafeOn-demand webinar available now for viewing: "New Technologies to Address Wideband Signal Generation and Analysis." Demand for wireless devices has been explosive, driving wireless providers to seek higher operating frequencies, wider transmission bandwidths, and innovative high-efficiency modulation techniques. As applications migrate from crowded microwave bands to sparsely utilized mm-wave spectrum, engineers must confront significant technical challenges. Some of these challenges consist of achieving power levels and RF PAE, frequency and phase stability, and phase ...

Memtransistor Circuit Element for Neuromorphic Computing

Memtransistor Forms Foundational Circuit Element to Neuromorphic Computing - RF Cafe"Computers that operate more like the human brain than computers - a field sometimes referred to as neuromorphic computing - have promised a new era of powerful computing. While this all seems promising, one of the big shortcomings in neuromorphic computing has been that it doesn't mimic the brain in a very important way. In the brain, for every neuron there are a thousand synapses - the electrical signal sent between the neurons of the brain. This poses a problem because a transistor ..."