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Homepage Archive - February 2021 (page 3)

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Sunday the 21st

Microwave Engineering Theme Crossword Puzzle for February 21st

Microwave Engineering Theme Crossword Puzzle for February 21st, 2021 - RF CafeThis Microwave Engineering Theme Crossword Puzzle for February 21st contains only words and clues related to engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other technical words. As always, this crossword contains no names of politicians, mountain ranges, exotic foods or plants, movie stars, or anything of the sort unless it/he/she is related to this puzzle's technology theme (e.g., Hedy Lamarr or the Bikini Atoll). The technically inclined cruciverbalists amongst us will appreciate the effort. Enjoy!

Friday the 20th

RCA Radio-Relay Television

RCA Radio-Relay Television, August 1945, Radio-Craft - RF CafeThe evolution of communications has been well documented both after the fact and necessarily before the fact based on the vision and determination of individuals and corporations. From grunts, hand and facial signals, and crude sketchings on cave walls to spoken and written languages. From couriers on foot and horseback, smoke signals, and light signals to wired telegraph and telephone. From wireless telegraph and telephone to television and the Internet, advancement has been continual both in large steps between the aforementioned fundamental communications venues to incremental advancements in technologies - analog to digital, vacuum tubes to semiconductors, simplex to multiplex, ever increasing access to regions of the electromagnetic spectrum from DC to light. This 1945 advertisement by RCA expounding the benefits of its recently implemented transcontinental microwave relay system was life changing at the time, but two decades later those tower networks would be supplemented and nearly replaced by satellite relay...

1924 Montgomery Ward Radio Catalog

1924 Montgomery Ward Radio Catalog - RF CafeYou probably are aware that major retail corporations like Sears and Montgomery Ward contracted with established appliance manufacturers to create their own brands for sale in their mail order catalogs and brick-and-mortar stores. Sears had their Kenmore line of kitchen (also Cold Spot) and laundry products, Craftsman line of tools, and Silvertone line of radios. Wards had the Signature line of appliances, Powr Kraft tools, and Airline radios. Both companies are basically defunct at this point. I was always a big Sears customer, and was sad to see them get scuttled by moron management. Montgomery Ward products all seemed second rate compared to Sears. Montgomery Ward, founded in 1872 closed its last stores in 2001, but unknown to most people is that they still have an Internet presence as wards.com. Sears Roebuck & Co., founded in 1892, still has a few stores open and is online at sears.com (and craftsman.com). Anyhoo, I ran across this 1924 Montgomery Ward Radio catalog that is chock full...

CMOS-Based Transceiver for >5G Applications at 300 GHz

CMOS-Based Transceiver for >5G Applications at 300 GHz - RF Cafe"Scientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) and NTT Corporation (NTT) have developed a novel CMOS-based transceiver for wireless communications at the 300 GHz band, enabling future beyond-5G applications. Their design addresses the challenges of operating CMOS technology at its practical limit and represents the first wideband CMOS phased-array system to operate at such elevated frequencies. Communication at higher frequencies is goal in electronics as researchers attempt to achieve greater data rates that and to take advantage of underused portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Many applications beyond 5G, as well as the IEEE802.15.3d standard for wireless communications, call for transmitters and receivers capable of operating close to or above 300 GHz. Current CMOS technology is not entirely suitable for such elevated frequencies..."

Lotus Software-Defined Block Up/Down Converter for 2-14 GHz

Lotus Communication Systems Software-Defined Block Up/Downconverter for 2-14 GHz - RF CafeLotus Communication Systems, a manufacturer of connectorized, cascadable RF and microwave components, has introduced the BUDC2G14G, which is a software defined block up/down converter. It has an RF frequency range of 2 GHz to 14 GHz and an IF frequency range of 500 MHz to 6 GHz. An integrated low phase noise LO supports LO frequencies from 1 GHz to 12 GHz. The BUDC2G14G has 8 dB of conversion loss at 5.8 GHz with low LO-RF leakage <30 dBm. It can be powered either by USB-C or +5~6 V at the terminal terminal with only 235 mA of current draw. Dimensions are 2.8125" (2-7/8") x 1.3125" (1-5/16") x 0.48". The converter has broad applications and can be used to extend spectrum analyzer measurement range to 14 GHz...

Civilian-Military Service Station

Civilian-Military Service Station, September 1945, Radio-Craft - RF Cafe"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" was more than just a clever slogan during World War II. It was a way of life that extended to both civilian and military realms. While civilians were being both encouraged and compelled to make the most of what was available, military operations were scavenging, borrowing, begging, confiscating, manufacturing, and cannibalizing. According to this 1945 article in Radio-Craft magazine, France was an important center for not just resurrecting battle-damaged Handi-Talkies and other types of radios, but for taking salvageable components out of unrepairable units. The bit about grinding special crystals for the French underground radios is especially interesting...

LadyBug LB5944A RF Power Sensor

LadyBug LB5944A RF Power Sensor - RF CafeLadyBug Technologies' new LB5944A True-RMS RF Power Sensor offers coverage from 1 MHz to 44 GHz with optional capability to 50 GHz. The multi-path RMS responding sensor features an 86 dB dynamic range and a 2.4 mm male connector. The sensor's calibration is first tier NIST traceable and the sensor is manufactured in the U.S. A full featured software power meter application is included. ATE users can take advantage of either USBTMC or USB HID, both of which are provided by the sensor at enumeration. These along with the Optional SPI & I2C interfaces make the sensor the most flexible self-contained traceable power measurement device available...

Please Thank IPP for Their Long-Time Support!

Innovative Power ProductsInnovative Power Products (IPP) has over 30 years of experience designing & manufacturing RF & microwave passive components. Their high power, broadband couplers, combiners, resistors, baluns, terminations and attenuators are fabricated using the latest materials and design tools available, resulting in unrivaled product performance. Applications in military, medical, industrial and commercial markets are serviced around the world. Please take a couple minutes to visit their website and see how IPP can help you today.

Thursday the 18th

New 500 kW Super-Power Beam Triode

New 500 kW Super-Power Beam Triode, May 1950 Radio News - RF CafeIf there is or ever has been a solid state device that required as much painstaking, precise, manual assembly required as some of the magnificent vacuum tubes developed over the years, I don't know of it. This 500 kilowatt "super-power beam triode" featured in a 1950 issue of Radio & Television News magazine is a good example. Think of the electrical, mechanical, chemical, and manufacturing engineering that went into designing, building, and testing such devices. Half a megawatt from a single tube is quite an accomplishment. It required a 900 watt control grid signal for modulation. The article refers to an electron-optical system, and I'm not sure what it meant unless it is the array of 48 sharply focused electron beams...

Nanofabrication Technology for Quantum Nano-Electronic Devices

Nanofabrication Technology for Quantum Nano-Electronic Devices - RF Cafe"Niobium metal is used in the implantation of a variety of superconducting quantum devices. However, the technology is typically limited to use in conventional Josephson junctions based on Nb-AlOx-Nb produced entirely by sputtering. In addition, the devices are most commonly in a vertical stack covered by niobium metal, making it physically limited to access the embedded films that could comprise insulators, semiconductor, or hybrids with ions. There is a need for improvement in the design as well as integration of functional materials for use in devices such as qubits as well as ion embedded devices for quantum memory. Also, implementation of large-scale computers requires nanofabrication technologies. Sending qubits states and implementing quantum networks requires an optical interface. This research presents nanofabrication processes..."

New for 2021! RF & Electronics Schematic & Block Diagram Symbols for Office™ r2

RF & Electronics Schematic & Block Diagram Symbols for Office™ r2 - RF CafeIt was a lot of work, but I finally finished a version of the "RF & Electronics Schematic & Block Diagram Symbols" that works well with Microsoft Office™ programs Word™, Excel™, and Power Point™. This is an equivalent of the extensive set of amplifier, mixer, filter, switch, connector, waveguide, digital, analog, antenna, and other commonly used symbols for system block diagrams and schematics. Each of the 1,000 or so symbols was exported individually from Visio in the EMF file format, then imported into Word on a Drawing Canvas. The EMF format allows an image to be scaled up or down without becoming pixelated, so all the shapes can be resized in a document and still look good. The imported symbols can also be UnGrouped into their original constituent parts for editing. Check them out!

Flying Radiomen (and Radiowomen) of the Ferrying Division

Flying Radiomen [and Radiowomen] of the Ferrying Division, June 1944 QST - RF Cafe"Necessity is the mother of invention" is an oft-heard phrase that never rang truer than during World War II. Both the Axis and the Allied powers had extremely brilliant and capable people working to defeat each other, driving advances in technology and methods at a break-neck pace for nearly a decade (remember WWII began before the U.S. entered the fray in 1941). Aircraft and radio were powerful new weapons for all sides at that point since both were still in their fledgling modes in WWI. Efficient and effective execution of aircraft ferrying, troop movement, and supply delivery was absolutely dependent on radio equipment and operators that could adapt to new strategic situations and endure all sorts of weather and geographic stresses. While the Army Signal Corps had a good cadre of radio operators available, few were experienced with operating in their gear while airborne...

Anatech Electronics February 2021 Newsletter 

Anatech Electronics February 2021 Newsletter - RF CafeSam Benzacar of Anatech Electronics, an RF and microwave filter company, has published his January newsletter that features his short op-ed entitled "What 5G Phase 2 Has in Store." He points out that as the Internet and cellphone service overlap, there is less and less of a distinction between the two. "When you pore through the information about Release 16, it becomes obvious that the domains of 'cellular' and IoT will blend to become a single diverse communications environment comprehensive enough to serve consumer, industrial, automotive, agricultural, scientific, and other applications. Today, short-range communication standards such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Thread are used at the edge of the network but Release 16 will allow cellular to either complement or even replace them eventually." Sam also presents some relevant industry news items as well...

Extending RF's Boundaries via Direct Data Sampling in Ka-Band

Extending RF's Boundaries via Direct Data Sampling in Ka-Band - RF CafeNicolas Chantier has an interesting article on the Electronic Design website entitled, "Extending RF's Boundaries via Direct Data Sampling in the Ka-band," which discusses advances made in direct-access data conversion of microwave signals within the Ka-band. He begins, "It's widely recognized that software-defined microwave (SDM) air interfaces have huge potential. Through this technology, it will be possible to revolutionize many different aspects of the communications arena by making major transformations to the infrastructure that it relies on. More specifically, it's certain to be of great benefit in the space sector. That's because it will be possible to finally alleviate the highly frustrating cycle-time mismatch in the rates of progress in ground- and space-based hardware development. Rather than having to utilize hardwired, overly hardware-centric solutions, which can quickly become outdated..."

Please Thank Lotus Communication Systems for Their Support!

Lotus Communication Systems Modular RF/Microwave Components - RF CafeLotus Communication Systems began in 2009, setting up CNC machine shop and RF/microwave assembling and testing lab in Middlesex Country, Massachusetts. Lotus is committed to highest quality and innovative products. Each RF/microwave module meets exceedingly high standards of quality, performance and excellent value, and are 100% MADE IN USA. Lotus' RF/microwave products cover frequency band up to 67 GHz. Lotus also offers an COTS shield enclosures for RF/microwave prototyping and production. All products are custom designed. We will find a solution and save your time and cost. Lotus has multiple 4 axis CNC machines and LPKF circuit plotters.

Wednesday the 17th

Walter Ashe Radio Company

Walter Ashe Radio Company, March 1954 Radio & Television News - RF CafeTrigger Alert: Don't look at this advertisement from a 1954 issue of Radio & Television News magazine if you are easily offended by what used to be an effective marketing technique, but is now considered too exploitative for use. The "Cancel Culture" mindset of today's easily offended (often agenda-driven) citizenry would likely work to have Walter Ashe driven out of business for such an ad. If you dare to peek at the advertisement - and I'm not recommending that you should if it might jeopardize your place in society, be sure to note the fire hydrant...

Silicon Nanostructures Replace Plastic Lenses in Cell Phone Cameras

Silicon Nanostructures Replace Plastic Lenses in Cell Phone Cameras - RF Cafe"It's been a good decade or so for the makers of plastic lenses. In recent years, smartphone manufactures have been adding camera modules, going from one to two to five or more. And each of those camera modules contains several plastic lenses. Over the years, these lenses have changed little, though image processing software has improved a lot, merging images from multiple camera modules into one high quality picture and enabling selective focus and other features. The glory days of the plastic camera lens, however, may be drawing to a close. At least that's the hope of Metalenz, a Boston-area startup that officially took its wraps off today. The company aims to replace plastic lenses with waveguides..."

Thanks to Werbel Microwave for Continued Support!

Werbel MicrowaveWerbel Microwave is a manufacturer of RF directional and bidirectional couplers (6 dB to 30 dB) and RF power dividers / combiners (2- to 16-way) with select models operating up to 18 GHz and 100 W of CW power (3 kW peak). All are RoHS and REACH compliant and are designed and manufactured in our Whippany, NJ, location. Custom products and private label service available. Please take a couple minutes to visit their website and see how Werbel Microwave can help you today.

Air Corps Radio University

Air Corps Radio University, September 1942, Radio-Craft - RF CafeDo you know these men, or any of the many others that appear in the articles I post from vintage magazines? They might be your father or grandfather, brother or uncle. Once in a great while I will receive an e-mail from somebody telling me he or she recognized a person whose photo was posted with the article. I always try to include the names and, if available, cities of people in picture captions in hopes that the search engines will pick them up. Tracing family roots is a big hobby today and being able to find such an obscure source for a relative's past is a thrill to many such Internet sleuths. My hobby website, AirplanesAndRockets.com, has received many contacts both from people who see themselves in old articles and who recognize fathers or brothers. In one case a guy wrote to me saying that the fellow who wrote a monthly column on model rocketry was the father of the woman he married. Another time a guy wrote saying he was the photographer who took the edition's cover photo at a contest. Recently, a lady contacted me to say her father, who was an NCO in the USAF...

Nano Diamond Battery for Perpetual Power

Nano Diamond Battery for Perpetual Power - RF CafeThis article about a "nano diamond battery" appeared in the February 2021 issue of NASA's Battery Technology publication. It describes a radioisotope-powered battery with a 28,000 year lifetime contained within a surface-mount type of IC package. It works by encapsulating the radioactive material in a synthetic diamond cavity which exploits an "inelastic scattering" phenomenon to convert decomposing ions into electric power. If this had been the April issue rather than February, I might suspect a spoof. NDB, Inc., is the company developing the technology claiming, "NDB is a high-power diamond-based alpha, beta, and neutron voltaic battery that can provide device life-long and green energy for numerous applications and overcome limitations of the existing energy creation/distribution solutions." The NDB has not yet been built - it is a concept (see NDB interview). Access to fissionable material in production quantities can be a problem due to nuclear proliferation issues, but NDB claims a "lock-in system," prevents usage other than power generation. The technology is scalable, and might be the answer to my desire for personal nuclear supplies to power everything - if it ever gets past the theoretical stage...

Many Thanks to Bittele Electronics for Continued Support!

Bittele Electronics PCB Fabrication - RF CafeSince 2003, Bittele Electronics has consistently provided low-volume, electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) and turnkey PCB assembly services. It specializes in board level turnkey PCB assembly for design engineers needing low volume or prototype multi-layer printed circuit boards. Free Passive Components: Bittele Electronics is taking one further step in its commitment of offering the best service to clients of its PCB assembly business. Bittele is now offering common passive components to its clients FREE of Charge.

Tuesday the 16th

Mac's Radio Service Shop: Discount Houses

Mac's Radio Service Shop: Discount Houses, November 1954 Radio & Television News - RF Cafe"Mac's Radio Service Shop" episodes nearly always reflected the season in which they appeared in Radio & Television News magazine, and were also very often concerned with pressing issues of the day. This November 1954 issue's story opens by setting the scene with a gray, windy late autumn day, and then launches into a discussion between Barney and Mac about the situation where discount merchandise outlets were pawning off service responsibility for large volumes of sales on anybody but themselves. Being both a sales and service concern himself, Mac was torn between welcoming the additional business provided by the discount houses and the bad name they were giving reputable sales people. Whenever a specific product or business is mentioned in the article, I put some effort into finding examples on the WWW to provide extra context to the story. In this case Mac mentions an article having appeared in a Life magazine "a few months ago." Knowing the contemporaneous nature...

Signal Hound's Spike™ Software Integrates NF Measurement

Signal Hound's Spike™ Software Integrates Noise Figure Measurement Feature - RF CafeSignal Hound, a developer of optimized solutions for RF signal test and measurement, announces a new Noise Figure analysis mode in its exclusive Spike™ spectrum analyzer software. Noise Figure analysis is one of the most useful metrics for RF test engineers, characterizing the noise contributions of an electrical system, as well as the individual electrical components within the system. "As always, we are proud to offer this new feature as part of our free software package that comes with all Signal Hound spectrum analyzers," said Cory Allen, Marketing Director at Signal Hound. "This new ability to perform noise figure measurements within Spike increases the value of our test and measurement equipment, adding yet another essential feature for professionals working in the industry." The new Noise Figure analysis mode is available in Spike, today...

Transistor Cut-off Frequency at 738 GHz

Transistor Cut-off Frequency at 738 GHz - RF Cafe"A research team in Korea and Japan has reported field-effect transistors (FETs) with a cut-off frequency of 738 GHz, claiming this as 'the highest fT of any FET with any material system.' The result from Kyoungpook National University (KNU), University of Ulsan and Quantum Semiconductor International in South Korea and NTT Device Technology Laboratories in Japan was presented online at the International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) at the end of 2020. The team credits a composite indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) quantum well (QW) channel structure with enabling the record frequency high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT). The 738GHz figure compares with a previous InGaAs HEMT with 710GHz cut-off. However, the latter device also featured a maximum oscillation..."

Zenith Radio - Where Are the Hams on FM?

Zenith Radio Corporation Advertisement, February 1941 QST - RF CafeI have often stated that some of the most enthusiastic and capable engineers and technicians I have had the honor working with were Hams. As evidenced by this ad in the February 1941 edition of QST magazine, heads of corporations hold the same view. None other than the president of Zenith Radio Corporation, Mr. E.J. MacDonald, Jr., thought enough of the talent residing within the amateur radio community to appeal directly to them with this full-page ad titled, "Amateurs - Your Thoughts May Be Worth Money." What makes this advertisement even more interesting is that it specifically wanted Hams with ideas about the newfangled thing called Frequency Modulation...

Interference Hunting Application Note

Interference Hunting - RF CafeA new application note entitled, "Interference Hunting," was posted on the Tektronix website. It begins: "Over the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in the population of wireless transmitters found in the world, with the inevitable result being a dramatic increase in radiofrequency noise pollution. Every significant electronic device leaks radiation at some level and the number of cellular phones in circulation now outnumbers people. The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is only going to make things worse. Much worse in fact as billions of wireless-enabled devices populate everything from shop floors to living rooms. At the same time, wireless technology has become critical to our daily lives. Drive down any residential neighborhood or business center with even a basic RF sniffer and you'll see Wi-Fi transmitters in literally every location, all powered up and enabling a steady flow of vital communications. Smartphones - often with Bluetooth radios in action - keep the wheels of commerce turning and keep us connected to family and friends. Maintaining these wireless links..."

Many Thanks to Withwave for Continued Support!

Withwave RF & Microwave Components - RF CafeWithwave manufactures an extensive line of metrology quality coaxial test cable assemblies, connectors (wave-, end-, vertical-launch, board edge, panel mount), calibration kits (SOLT), a fully automated 4-port vector network analyzer (VNA) calibrator, between- and in-series connector adaptors, attenuators, terminations, DC blocks, torque wrenches, test probes & probe positioner. Special test fixtures for calibration and multicoax cable assemblies. Frequency ranges from DC through 110 GHz. Please contact Withwave today to see how they can help your project succeed.

Monday the 15th

Within Earshot of the Editor

Within Earshot of the Editor - FCC Interference Law, August 1938 Radio News - RF CafeThe August 1958 issue of Radio News marked the merging of All-Wave Radio with Radio News, both founded by Hugo Gernsback. Radio News began publication in July 1919 (actually titled Radio Amateur News for the first year) and All-Wave Radio debuted in September 1936. "All-wave" radio referred to a class of radios popular at the time which could tune in most of the worldwide commercial broadcast stations, spurring the accompanying "short wave listening" craze. This instance of the monthly "Within Earshot of the Editor" column received a lot of attention because it fired a shot across the bow of the ARRL for not sufficiently lobbying the FCC for the electromagnetic spectrum access rights currently enjoyed and the serious threat of loss. Many people subsequently accused Radio News of attempting to torpedo the ARRL and replace it with another organization of Ham operators...

Half of Texas' Wind Turbines Freeze

Half of Texas' Wind Turbines Freeze - RF CafeFrom the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, February 15, 2021, "Nearly half of Texas' installed wind power generation capacity has been offline because of frozen wind turbines in West Texas, according to Texas grid operators" (about  12,000 megawatts - that's12 terawatts). It is making the ice-related massive power outage even worse. Under normal circumstances a distributed generation system can be advantageous by eliminating single-point failures, but ice storms often affect very large areas. I am a proponent of wind turbines and solar arrays where they make sense, but don't like the BS fed to us about how they can totally replace conventional power generation sources universally. My preference would be personal nuclear generators for cars, houses, and businesses.

Thanks to RIGOL Technologies for Continued Support!

RIGOL Technologies (electronics test equipment)RIGOL Technologies is transforming the Test and Measurement Industry. Our premium line of products includes digital and mixed signal oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, function / arbitrary waveform generators, programmable power supplies and loads, digital multimeters, data acquisition systems, and application software. Our test solutions combine uncompromised product performance, quality, and advanced product features; all delivered at extremely attractive price points. This combination provides our customers with unprecedented value for their investment, reduces their overall cost of test, and helps speed time to completion of their designs or projects.

QST Cruises with the Maritime Service

QST Cruises with the Maritime Service, July 1944 QST - RF CafeAre you between 16 and 17½ or between 26 and 35 and not in uniform? Are you 1-C or mildly 4-F or otherwise ineligible for military service? Are you interested in a radio operating job in direct support of the war effort? Then there's a place for you in the U. S. Maritime Service. If you hold a commercial radio-telegraph second or higher-grade license, so much the better. But you don't need a ticket to start with; in fact, you don't need any previous radio training whatsoever. The Maritime Service will train you. It will make a proficient merchant marine radio operator out of you at one of the nation's finest operator schools - with pay! This is an opportunity described several times before in QST. It is time now for the story to be told again...

Ham Radio Forms Planet-Sized Space Weather Sensor

Ham Radio Forms a Planet-Sized Space Weather Sensor Network - RF CafeKristina Collins, David Kazdan, and Nathaniel Frissell recently published an interesting article in the American Geophysical Union magazine Eos entitled, "Ham Radio Forms a Planet-Sized Space Weather Sensor Network." They begin by making the point: "For researchers who monitor the effects of solar activity on Earth's atmosphere, telecommunications, and electrical utilities, amateur radio signals a golden age of crowdsourced science." As in many other areas of communications science, Hams play a significant role in formal scientific research. The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation (HamSCI), a confederation of scientists, engineers, and hobbyists (often including members who are both professional and hobbyist weather investigators) that bands together amateur radio operators with the research community in the space and atmospheric sciences convenes annual workshops where discoveries are exchanged...

Many Thanks to Axiom Test Equipment for Continued Support!

Axiom Test Equipment - RF CafeAxiom Test Equipment allows you to rent or buy test equipment, repair test equipment, or sell or trade test equipment. They are committed to providing superior customer service and high quality electronic test equipment. Axiom offers customers several practical, efficient, and cost effective solutions for their projects' TE needs and is committed to providing superior customer service and high quality electronic test equipment. For anyone seeking a way to offload surplus or obsolete equipment, they offer a trade-in program or they will buy the equipment from you. Some vintage items are available fully calibrated. Please check out Axiom Test Equipment today!

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