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Homepage Archive - December 2018 (page 2)

These archive pages are provided in order to make it easier for you to find items that you remember seeing on the RF Cafe homepage. Of course probably the easiest way to find anything on the website is to use the "Search RF Cafe" box at the top of every page. About RF Cafe.

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Friday 14

Triad RF Systems Intros 2,200 - 2,500 MHz, 10 W Bi-Directional Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros a New 2,200 - 2,500 MHz, 10 W Bi-Directional Amplifier - RF CafeTriad RF Systems, a top-tier designer and manufacturer of RF and microwave amplifiers, announces the introduction of their TTRM1123 high power bi-directional amplifier (BDA) that utilizes the latest LDMOS technology to provide over 60 W of linear power in S-Band. The unit is designed to be integrated in any system that requires high power, high efficiency and high linearity in the entire 2200 - 2500 MHz band. In transmit mode, the amplifier provides 28 dB of small signal gain and can produce over 10 W of 64 QAM OFDM power across the band! In receive mode, the unit has 11 dB of small signal gain with a noise figure of 2 dB. The unit can be configured to auto switch to transmit when RF is present ...

The "Light" Fantastic

The "Light" Fantastic, July 1963 Popular Electronics - RF Cafe"The boy and his father had just witnessed a demonstration of one of the most promising and fastest developing technological devices ever conceived by man - the laser. In only three whirlwind years, the laser - which gets its name from the initials of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation - has moved out of the theory stage, out of the laboratory curiosity category, and into a whole new, exciting world of applications." That's the opening of an article in the July 1963 edition of Popular Electronics. I remember when ruby lasers were the the rule rather than the exception for lasers. Power levels were measured in units of 'Gillettes' in reference in the number of razor blades they could cut through. Next came chemical lasers with power levels in the megawatts and now even gigawatts that can take out ICBM warheads as they reenter the atmosphere and can fry orbiting satellites ...

RF Cafe Forums Archive

RF Cafe Forums Archive - RF CafeFor some inexplicable reason, inquires have been coming in regarding whatever happened to the RF Cafe Forums, which I discontinued in 2012 due to high maintenance. Spam got so bad, even with Captcha and other filtering schemes, that I got tired of spending time every day cleaning out the posts. Maybe people are getting weary of Facebook and Twitter. I stopped using both of them, and only do LinkedIn now. Anyway, I dug out the old posts and republished them as an archive. There's lots of good information there. At some point I'll look into the phpBB software to see if it has gotten any better at thwarting spammers, and re-start the RF Cafe Forums if so ...

Fairview Microwave Releases Flexible Waveguide Models with VSWR as Low as 1.05:1

Fairview Microwave Releases New Series of Flexible Waveguide Models That Deliver VSWR as Low as 1.05:1 - RF CafeFairview Microwave, a leading provider of on-demand RF and microwave components, has unveiled a new line of seamless and twistable flexible waveguides covering 10 frequency bands from WR-137 to WR-22 and operating in the 5.85 GHz to 50 GHz range. Typical applications include base stations, DAS systems, antennas and test instrumentation. Fairview Microwave's new line of flexible waveguides consists of 78 models - 39 seamless and 39 twistable, all operating in the same wide range of frequencies. All models are offered with UG-style square/round cover and CPR-style flanges, and are available in lengths of 6 to 36-inches ...

Anatech Electronics: Off-the-Shelf and Custom RF & Microwave Filters

Anatech Electronics logo - RF CafeAnatech Electronics (AEI) manufactures and supplies RF and microwave filters for military and commercial communication systems, providing standard LP, HP, BP, BS, notch, diplexer, and custom RF filters, and RF products. Standard RF filter and cable assembly products are published in our website database for ease of procurement. Custom RF filters designs are used when a standard cannot be found, or the requirements dictate a custom approach. Please visit Anatech today to see how they can help your project succeed ...

Optical Gyroscope-on-a-Chip

Optical Gyroscope-on-a-Chip - RF Cafe"The gyroscope is smaller than a grain of rice - about 500 times smaller than the current state-of-the-art device. Gyroscopes are devices that help vehicles, drones, and wearable and handheld electronic devices know their orientation in three-dimensional space. Originally, gyroscopes were sets of nested wheels, each spinning on a different axis. But in a cellphone, a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) sensor measures changes in the forces acting on two identical masses that are oscillating and moving in opposite directions. These MEMS gyroscopes are limited in their sensitivity, so optical gyroscopes have been developed to perform the same function but with no moving parts and a greater degree of accuracy using a phenomenon called the Sagnac effect ..."

Thursday 13

Direct & Current - Editorial: A Bigger and Better Popular Electronics

Direct & Current - Editorial: A Bigger and Better Popular Electronics, December 1971 Popular Electronics - RF CafePopular Electronics editor Milton Snitzer announced to readers in the final issue of 1971 that the first issue of 1972 will represent a merging with its sister magazine, Electronics World. It also adopted the larger physical format of Electronics World. Although both magazines provided a mix of product reviews, experimental and DIY circuit articles, Ham radio, tutorials on components (transistors, speakers, printed circuit boards, etc.), and industry news, Popular Electronics tended to be directed more toward hobbyists while Electronics World catered more to the professional reader. The new format began incorporating troubleshooting tips, business tips on customer relations and finance, and defense / commercial applications. Fortunately, it also inherited the "Mac's Service Shop" stories, which was really nice since the Carl & Jerry episodes ended in 1964.. BTW, Electronics World was a re-branding of the previous Radio & TV News magazine that occurred in March of 1959 ...

Skyworks High-Efficiency Power Amplifier for Cellular 4G and 5G Infrastructure

Skyworks Launches New High-Efficiency Power Amplifier for Cellular 4G and 5G Infrastructure - RF CafeSkyworks Solutions, an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors connecting people, has unveiled its latest cellular infrastructure innovation, the SKY66313-11, a wide instantaneous bandwidth power amplifier with industry-leading efficiency for FDD/TDD 4G LTE and 5G applications. This breakthrough solution is utilized in small cell and massive MIMO base stations to deliver higher data rates and enhanced network efficiency that result in improved carrier capacity and greater coverage for data-intensive, multimedia and Internet of Things devices. The amplifier's highly efficient design boasts fully-matched input/output and high gain for best-in-class operation. With an integrated on-chip active bias circuit, the device provides excellent performance over temperature ...

Arrow Electronics Hosts Free Online OrCAD Capture Cloud

OrCAD Capture Cloud Online Free Arrow Electronics - RF CafeArrow Electronics has a deal worked out with OrCAD that provides free access to an online version of the schematic drawing tool. "OrCAD® Capture Cloud is a cloud-based design capture tool that provides the design capabilities of OrCAD Capture on Web. This web interface provides you a collaborative, quick, intuitive, and easy method of capturing your designs, without having to worry about downloading and installing the tool, or configuring the licenses. OrCAD Capture Cloud integration with Arrow allows you to access a huge repository of parts and reference designs, thereby accelerating your design capture cycle." OrCAD PCB Designer does not appear to be part of the package, nor is their PSpice Designer simulator. Keep in mind that anything you create there is accessible to others, so no proprietary work should be done with it ...

A Winding Machine for Spaced-Turn Chokes

A Winding Machine for Spaced-Turn Chokes, December 1931 QST - RF CafeThere are still a lot of people who wind their own coils, whether it be for an amateur radio rig or for work in the lab. I know I've wound many a coil around a drill bit or wooden dowel - a somewhat awkward task. This simple coil winding machine that appeared in a 1931 edition of the ARRL's QST magazine would be a handy addition to anyone's bag of tricks, especially if you find yourself winding single-layer coils that have a precise, fixed space between the windings. The home stores like Lowes and Home Depot sell small pieces of oak and maple that would be perfect for this kind of project. Soft woods like pine and poplar would not hold up as well under the strain of winding wire. Use your soldering iron to burn your name onto the base. A little stain and a coat of varnish would give it a real vintage look ...

Res-Net Microwave: Precision RF & Microwave Components

Res-Net Microwave componentsRes-Net Microwave has a complete line of precision RF & microwave components including attenuators, terminations, resistors, and diode detectors for commercial, military, and space applications. Products range from the small flange type to large 2,000 watt connectorized power attenuators and/or terminations at frequencies up to 26.5 GHz. In-house photo etch and laser trim capability. Please check out Res-Net Microwave's website to see how they can help with your current project ...

Quantum Materials for Computing Devices Beyond Semiconductor Era

Quantum Materials for Computing Devices Beyond Semiconductor Era - RF Cafe"Mutliferroics are promising candidates for new type of memory and logic circuits. Scientists in industry and academia are looking for new materials to succeed highly successful semiconductor transistors. Scientists have hit on a very promising post-transistor technology: multiferroics, which use magnetic spin states instead of electron charge to store binary data. They have shown that these MESO (magneto-electric spin-orbit) devices can greatly improve energy efficiency and pack more logic devices onto a chip. Researchers from Intel Corp. and UC Berkeley, are looking beyond current transistor technology and preparing the way for a new type of memory and logic circuit that could someday be in every computer on the planet ..."

Wednesday 12

Electronics Review: Gemini Rendezvous & Space Electronics

Electronics Review: Gemini Rendezvous & Space Electronics, December 27, 1965 Electronics Magazine - RF CafeWhen I originally tagged this Electronics magazine article for posting, it was before Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry tapped into his immense cerebral power to inform us all that NASA has been faking its accomplishments in space - notably all the moon landings. Now, based on such unimpeachable authority, I'm not so sure this story should even be posted, lest it potentially perpetuate a long-running ruse. In the manner of contemporary news pieces reporting on criminal activity while avoiding legal claims of libel or character assassination, please mentally preface all of the claims here with "alleged" or "allegedly." The world's first successful spacecraft rendezvous, accomplished by Gemini 6 and Gemini 7, happened on December 15, 1965. Both astronaut crews participated in many communications experiments that included radio, visual, and laser media ...

Koaxis Small-Diameter RF Cable Assemblies

Koaxis RF Cable Assemblies - RF CafeStop me if you've heard this one before. It starts out: "Five bald guys walk up to a bar and say, 'We work for a company called Koaxis that makes premium small diameter coaxial RF and microwave cable assemblies...'" Now, lest you think me rude to refer to the follicle-challenged gents on the Koaxis website in this manner, know that they proudly own their condition. In fact Koaxis offers you as its contact means: Call a Bald Guy +1 (610) 222-0154, Email a Bald Guy sales@koaxis.com, and Find a Bald Rep click here. Be it known also that Koaxis is a woman-owned small business. The 5 Bald Guys have anticipated your logically-asked question and answer preemptively, "Yes, she has hair and No, she does not like the spotlight." They deserve a call from you, don't you think so?...

Radio Detector Circuits

Radio Detector Circuits (Part I), August 1945, Radio-Craft - RF CafeThis is the first of a three-part series on radio detector circuits by Mr. Robert Scott. He begins in this article with describing diode action and progresses to uses in various types of signal detectors in radio receivers. A discussion of modulation and distortion sources is included as well. The strange-looking schematic symbols are vacuum tubes, which used metallic elements separated by space as functional elements rather than fused sand containing traces of impurities. Don't be intimidated, though; just think of them as field effect transistors (FETs) where the plate is the drain, the grid is the gate, and the cathode is the source. The next article in the series discusses hi-fidelity triode detectors; the plate rectifier, infinite-impedance detectors, grid rectification, and regenerative circuits ...

Thanks to QuinStar Technology for Their Support

QuinStar Technology mm-Wave Products - RF CafeQuinStar Technology designs and manufactures mm-wave products for communication, scientific, and test applications along with providing microelectronic assembly, rapid prototyping, and mass customization. Amplifiers, Oscillators, Switches, Attenuators, Circulators, Isolators, Filters, Waveguide, Antennas, Phase Shifters, Transceivers, Mixers, Detectors. QuinStar specializes in cryogenic amplifiers, circulators, and isolators. Please visit QuinStar today to see how they can help your project ...

RF Stencils for Visio v3.1 Available!

RF Microwave Wireless Analog Block Diagrams Stencils Shapes for Visio - v3 - RF CafeWith more than 780 custom-built symbols, this has got to be the most comprehensive set of Visio Stencils available for RF, analog, and digital system and schematic drawings! Every object has been built from scratch to fit proportionally on the provided A- and B-size drawing page templates (you can use your own page if preferred). Components are provided for equipment racks (EIA and ETSI) and test equipment, system block diagrams and conceptual drawings, and for schematics ...

New Line of Solid State RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers by Advanced Amplifiers

New Line of Solid State RF and Microwave Power Amplifiers by Advanced Amplifiers - RF CafeAdvanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC) today announced the launch of a new line of RF and microwave power amplifiers. Advanced Amplifiers is a provider of next generation solid state RF power amplifiers and microwave amplifiers, offering continuous wave and pulse amplifiers with a variety of frequencies and power. Launched by Advanced Test Equipment Corp., a rental and sales industry leader in test and measurement equipment technology, Advanced Amplifiers offers "state-of-the-art" technology to a variety of industries. The Advanced Amplifiers line of ultra-high linearity amplifiers revolutionizes RF power amplifier design with their unique high-power density and small size form factor, high energy efficiency and simple front panel ...

Axiom Test Equipment: Rent, Buy, Trade & Repair

Axiom Test Equipment - RF CafeAxiom Test Equipment allows you to rent or buy test equipment, repair test equipment, or sell or trade test equipment. They are committed to providing superior customer service and high quality electronic test equipment. Axiom offers customers several practical, efficient, and cost effective solutions for their projects' TE needs and is committed to providing superior customer service and high quality electronic test equipment. Please check out Axiom Test Equipment today! ...

Cognitive Radio: The New Architecture of Space Communications

Cognitive Radio: The New Architecture of Space Communications - RF Cafe"NASA spacecraft typically rely on human-controlled radio systems to communicate with Earth. As collection of space data increases, NASA looks to alternative radio technologies to meet demand and increase efficiency. The growth of Software Defined Radios (SDRs), such as cognitive radio, offers NASA the opportunity to improve the way space missions develop and operate space transceivers for communications, networking, and navigation. Reconfigurable SDRs provide the capability to change the functionality of the radio during a mission and optimize the data capabilities. The ability to change the operating characteristics of a radio through software once deployed to space ..."

Tuesday 11

Giant Billboard Antennas for Space-Age Radars

Giant Billboard Antennas for Space-Age Radars, December 1971 Popular Electronics - RF CafeSteerable phased array antenna systems used to be the exclusive domain of military and aerospace radar and electronics warfare systems. The expense involved in both the hardware and the electronics required for controlling the beam was expensive and complicated. Larger phased array antennas for lower frequency bands are still relatively expensive. However, small cell wireless phone and WiFi applications in the 2.4 GHz and higher bands are seeing the development and deployment of phased arrays that will search for and track individual users in order to allocate antenna gain and signal power where it is needed, rather than using an omnidirectional radiation pattern. Physically steered directional antennas are not capable of the speeds needed to do the job. In the last couple years, MMIC phased antenna arrays have begun appearing in the news for millimeter-wave systems ...

Axiom White Paper: Analyzers Open Eyes to Optical Measurements

Axiom White Paper: Analyzers Open Eyes to Optical Measurements - RF CafeAxiom Test Equipment, a premier provider of electronic test and measurement equipment rentals and sales, has posted a white paper titled, "Analyzers Open Eyes to Optical Measurements." Optical communications systems are highly regarded for their generous bandwidths and capabilities of transferring massive amounts of data during extremely short transmission times. Of course, those systems rely on durable, high-performance components connected by single-mode (SM) and multi-mode (MM) cables, which must be checked and maintained at regular intervals. That can be done using fiber-optic test equipment designed specifically for the task ...

A.C. Calculations for Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits

A.C. Calculations for Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits, June 1944 QST - RF CafeWhen you read a lot of tutorials about introductory electronics on the Internet, most are the same format where stoic, scholarly presentations of the facts are given. Those of you who don't have enough fingers and toes to count all of the college textbooks like that which you have read know of what I speak. When hobby articles are written in a similar fashion, it can quickly discourage the neophyte tinkerer or maybe even a future Bob Pease. QST has printed a plethora of articles over the years that are more of a story than just a presentation of the facts. My guess is the reason is because often the authors are not university professors who have forgotten how to speak to beginners. This article on basic calculations for AC series and parallel circuits is a prime example ...

Promote Your Company on RF Cafe for as Little as $35/Month

Sponsor RF Cafe for as Little as $35 per Month - RF CafeRF Cafe typically receives 810,000-15,000 website visits each weekday and about half that on weekends. RF Cafe is a favorite of engineers, technicians, hobbyists, and students all over the world. With more than 7,000 pages in the Google search index, RF Cafe returns in favorable positions on many types of key searches, both for text and images. New content is added on a daily basis, which keeps the major search engines interested enough to spider it multiple times each day. Items added on the homepage often can be found in a Google search within a few hours of being posted. I also re-broadcast homepage items on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. If you need your company news to be seen, RF Cafe is the place to be. Banner advertising begins at $150/month ...

Centric RF: Attenuators, Adapters, Cable Assemblies, Power Dividers

Centric RF microwave components - RF CafeCentric RF is a company offering from stock various RF and Microwave coaxial components, including attenuators, adapters, cable assemblies, terminations, power dividers, and more. We believe in offering high performance parts from stock at a reasonable cost. Frequency ranges of 0-110 GHz at power levels from 0.5-500 watts are available off the sheld. Order today, ship today! Centric RF is currently looking for vendors to partner with them. Please visit Centric RF today ...

Metal-Air Transistor Replaces Semiconductors

Metal-Air Transistor Replaces Semiconductors - RF CafeNew predictions of Moore's Law ending in 10 years occur about as often as new AGW predictions of costal flooding in 10 years. "A novel field emission transistor that uses air gaps could breathe life into Moore's Law. It is widely predicted that the doubling of silicon transistors per unit area every two years will come to an end around 2025 as the technology reaches its physical limits. But researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, believe a metal-based field emission air channel transistor (ACT) they have developed could maintain transistor doubling for another two decades ..."

Monday 10

Opportunity Awareness: Thoughtful Reflections on Your Future

Opportunity Awareness: Thoughtful Reflections on Your Future, December 1971 Popular Electronics - RF CafePopular Electronics magazine ran a monthly series titled, "Opportunity Awareness" that addressed issues on continuing education, networking, and job performance as a means of advancing one's career. Fundamentally, nothing has changed in that aspect; however, the specialty areas for various levels of education and experience has shifted from where they were in 1971 when this chart was created. Host David Heiserman often fielded questions submitted by readers. As one who spent many evenings sitting in evening college classes while working on an Associate's degree, a Bachelor's degree, and a few credits toward a Master's degree, I can relate to the guy who wrote about taking night courses in an effort to get into the electronics field. I was already working ...

How Grace Hopper Laid the Foundation for the Information Age

How Grace Hopper Laid the Foundation for the Information Age - RF CafeYesterday, December 9th, I had Admiral Grace Hopper featured on the RF Cafe logo, it being her birthday. This piece about her appears on the Interesting Engineering website: "Grace Hopper's pioneering work gave us the Information Age. The number of women in computer science fields has been in the news a lot lately as companies like Google and Facebook face repeated criticism for their relative lack of diversity when it comes to women and other under-represented groups. For many, this might give the impression that women haven't been at the cutting edge of innovation in science and technology, but this is the exact opposite of the truth. Without the incredible work of Grace Hopper, the world would be a radically different place than it is today ..."

Triad RF Systems Intros TA4002R, 5,000 MHz, 10 W Power Amplifier

Triad RF Systems Intros TA4002R 5,000 MHz, 10 W Power Amplifier - RF CafeTriad RF Systems, a top-tier designer and manufacturer of RF and microwave amplifiers, announces the introduction of their TA4002R RF power amplifier, designed for the 4,000 to 5,000 MHz frequency band with an output power of 10 watts. The TA4002R utilizes the latest GaN technology to provide 10 W of power in the C-1 and C-2 bands. The unit is designed to be integrated in any system that requires high power, high efficiency and high linearity in the entire 4,400 MHz to 5,000 MHz band. The amplifier provides 23 dB of small signal gain and can produce over 2 W of 64 QAM OFDM power. The compact unit measures only 2.73 x 2.53 x 1.31" and maintains a low operating temperature due to its built-in heat sink ...

Can You Run Two Brushless Motors from a Single ESC?

Can You Run Two Brushless Motors from a Single ESC? - Airplanes and RocketsI am in the process of building a Douglas DC-3 control line model that uses a pair of ElectriFly Rimfire .10 motors, and wanted to know whether it would be possible to use a single electronic speed controller (ESC) for them. Unlike brushed DC motors with which you can - and I have in the past - gotten away with powering two motors from a single ESC, the brushless motors use a three-phase signal that is both amplitude and pulse width modulated. Such a waveform is not likely to be able to drive more than one motor properly, particularly given the motor's interaction with the ESC due to its time-variable complex impedance. I did a fairly extensive Internet search trying to find a definitive answer as to whether it can be done, but they were all just guesses. Many people seemed very knowledgeable on brushless motors and their controllers ...

MECA Electronics: Passive RF & Microwave Components

MECA Electronics

Since 1961, MECA Electronics has designed and manufactured an extensive line of RF & microwave components for in-building, satellite, radar, radio, telemetry, mobile radio, aviation & ATC. Attenuators, directional & hybrid couplers, isolators & circulators, power dividers & combiners, loads, DC blocks, bias-Ts and adapters & cables. MECA has long been the 'backbone' of high performance wired and air-interfaced networks such as in-building applications, satellite communications, radar, radio communications, telemetry applications, mobile radio, aviation & air traffic communications ...

New IEEE Standard for Network-Based Coexistence of Lightly Licensed Devices

New IEEE Standard Addresses Network-Based Coexistence Methods for Lightly Licensed Devices - RF Cafe"IEEE and IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) have published the IEEE 802.19.1-2018 standard, Part 19: Wireless Network Coexistence Methods. The new standard enables the IEEE 802 family of wireless standards to effectively utilize license-exempt or lightly licensed devices by providing standardized coexistence methods among dissimilar or independently operated wireless networks under general authorization. It will help ensure fair and efficient spectrum sharing. Finalized in June 2018, IEEE 802.19.1 specifies radio technology independent methods for network-based coexistence among dissimilar or independently operated networks. The standard is defined for geolocation-capable devices operating under general authorization such as TV band White Spaces (TVWS) ..."

Sunday 9

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle for December 9

Engineering & Science Crossword Puzzle - December 9, 2018 - RF CafeEach week, for the sake of all avid cruciverbalists amongst us, I create a new technology-themed crossword puzzle using only words from my custom-created lexicon related to engineering, science, mathematics, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. You will never find among the words names of politicians, mountain ranges, exotic foods or plants, movie stars, or anything of the sort. You might, however, see someone or something in the exclusion list who or that is directly related to this puzzle's theme, such as Hedy Lamar or the Bikini Atoll, respectively. Enjoy ...

RF Cascade Workbook 2018 - RF Cafe

Triad RF Systems Amplifiers - RF Cafe
Lotus Communication Systems Modular RF Component Building Blocks - RF Cafe

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