NASA Tech Briefs a Very Useful Electronics News Resource

NASA Tech Briefs a Very Useful Electronics News Resource - RF CafeAs far back as the mid 1980s, I remember going to the technical library at the Westinghouse Electric Oceanic Division in Annapolis, Maryland to read the latest copy of NASA Tech Briefs. During and after doing a four-year stint in the U.S. Air Force as an air traffic control radar technician, I was voraciously consumed all the information I could obtain on electronics, mechanics, aerodynamics, astrodynamics, etc., and was determined to earn an electrical engineering degree. In the pre-Internet days, acquiring such material required finagling a subscription from the trade magazines (EDN, Microwave Journal, RF Design, etc.) or borrowing a copy from a co-worker or the library. Purchasing a subscription was out of the question on my budget.

Electric Field Quantitative Measurement System and Method - RF CafeNow, as then, every edition of NASA Tech Briefs is chock full of great news bits on all the aforementioned topics - and more. It is one of the many magazines that I scan cover-to-cover every month, and end up reading many of the stories. Here are a few of the items in the January 2017 issue that are worthy of homepage news postings on RF Cafe:

NASA Tech Briefs Subscription (Free) - RF CafeNow, as then, a subscription to NASA Tech Briefs is free.






Posted January 5, 2017