A Few Great RF & Microwave Engineering Articles for October 2017

RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive October 2017 - RF CafeItems move onto and off of all homepages quickly, so even if you visit Microwave & RF, Microwave Journal, Microwave Product Digest, High Frequency Electronics, et al, regularly, you might have missed something in the list below. One article by Danny Rockett (whose last name I wouldn't mind having) introduces an approach to selecting the most suitable battery for a mobile device. I have posted many of my own commentaries on the importance of critical battery selection based mainly on my use of various technologies in my flying models. Kickstarter and other startup funding websites are full of gizmos people have invented that are battery-powered, so it is not just the "big boys" who need to be concerned. Back in the early days of Bluetooth, I jokingly said that I should invest in battery company stocks because if the scheme took off, I would be rich in a couple decades due to all the wireless devices. Well, I didn't - but it did - and now I'm still not - heavy sigh.

Here is a complete list of all featured RF & microwave articles in 2017.



Posted October 12, 2017