A Few Great RF & Microwave Engineering Articles for April 2017

RF & Microwave Magazine Article Archive April 2017 - RF CafeThe title of the first article listed might have, a couple decades ago, had you suspecting it might be some sort of April Fools' gag. After all, who would think there would be any possibility of an oscilloscope performing functions historically reserved for spectrum and/or signal analyzers? The fact is that nowadays there is a lot of number crunching ability built into medium to high end o-scopes, making the instruments interchangeable for frequencies up to about 100 MHz. But, then I read Rick chapman's article on transcendental resistors. Items move onto and off of all homepages quickly, so even if you visit Microwave & RF, Microwave Journal, Microwave Product Digest, High Frequency Electronics, et al, regularly, you might have missed something in the list below.

Here is a complete list of all featured RF & microwave articles in 2017.



Posted April 14, 2017